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MG TD TF 1500 - Are my carburettors right for my 1500 XPEG TF

Hi Guys

I have just taken my carbs off the shelf after 30 years with a view to cleaning and rebuilding them myself.

I obviously need to buy a rebuild kit but I thought first I should confirm that they are right for the 1500 XPEG engine.

There are a number of markings on them as follows:

Both carbs have R5564 marked on the engine side (see pic)

The 2 float bowls have different markings from each other.
The first bowl (from the drivers viewpoint RHD) is marked 3496D PDC and 1161G on the top.
The second bowl is marked 3495 MCI and 1160 on the top.

Are these referred to as H4 SU carburettors and are they correct for the car.

You will also notice from an additional pic that there is a piece broken off where the carb attaches to the air filter. What should I do here.

Any help on this would be really appreciated. I did look through the archives but couldn't spot anything that helped.

Thanks Darryl

D Lamb

And this

D Lamb

Finally the broken piece.

D Lamb

Float bowl 2

D Lamb

Top of float bowl 2

D Lamb

Top of float bowl 1

D Lamb

Further inspection turns up AUC6020 marked on both carbs with one marked below in pencil 6021. This ties into a previous post.
Is this how you refer to the carbs. .... too many markings.

D Lamb

Second AUC6020 marking on the 2nd carb

D Lamb

According to Joe Curto they seem correct:
Gene Gillam

To repair that carb you need a Lumiweld kit, and preferably somebody who has experience doing this kind of work, because its no quite as easy as the ads make out.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Thanks Gene and Dave for the help and good advice. Now to start the rebuild.
D Lamb

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