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MG TD TF 1500 - Atlanta TD

That is awfully restorable. I always wonder how something like a windshield gets lost when a car is disassembled. "Honey, I cleaned the garage, and threw out some kind of glass with a shiny metal frame..."

I would be tempted to restore this car for someone.

Dave Braun

That car is in Nashville, TN. I was going to offer to look at it for anyone interested. Looks solid.


Not going to find something at that price again....

(well, let me check the stock market on Monday before I commit to that statement)!!!

Very tempting...
I may take a go at it... mmm...
Nahhhh ... I already have a junk, restorable TD.
However, the price is right.

Sid Orr
Sid Orr

I love this old TD... she really isn't junk.
Don't know what I'd do with another one, though.

Sid Orr

Sid, is that a 'spare' TD, or the one you are restoring? (would love a RHD one)!

This is the TD that I've been working on for a few years.. S#9747. That is an older picture... it's more assembled now. I bought the car three years ago for a yard sale price (on E Bay) with a seized engine. The PO had replaced a connecting rod and had reversed the #3 and #4 rod caps. I had it running in about a week. Sometimes you just get lucky. Runs flawlessly.
Transmission was new, as well.

This is my first TD.. I've had several MGB's and midgets... There's nothing like a "T".

Sid Orr

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