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MG TD TF 1500 - Australia's British Autos. CKDs ??

Were the T series cars shipped to Australia as complete cars or as CKDs like the MGAs & MGBs? Just curious. PJ
Paul sr

I think that TC's, at least, were shipped out to Adelaide as complete cars but without tyres and batteries.
Barry Bahnisch

Without tires and batteries, now that's interesting. PJ
Paul sr

midgetg the internet produced the story below. FWIW.
By the way, a total of 443 TD's were CKD's from which 338 in 1950.


How many MGs and what models were made in Australia?
Who knows, it might be easier to locate the Holy Grail than answer this with any conviction.
Also what constitutes "made"? Pre-War is an area I know little of, but due to duty implications on complete vehicle imports, some may have come in semi-finished for local body fitting or specifically as racing cars. Most however were toys for the well off, and as cost was not an issue, they came in complete.
Post-War, Nuffield had little in the way of centralised operations and TC's were imported complete through various State distributors, but when Nuffield Australia was set up in March 1950 the cars coming in did go through an "assembly" process. This was true of both MG TD and TF. These roadsters came in on pallets with wheels not fitted and the windscreen stowed to reduce packing size, much the same way that tractors were still coming in from the UK into the 80's. Even a lot Magnettes would have had local tyres and batteries fitted. I remember when I started at BMC at Zetland in 1959, imported cars (A110, Wolseley 6/110, Healey 3000 etc.) came off the boats with segmented wooden "tyres"
JL Nederhoed TD#3966

For the uninitiated, what is "CKD"?
J K Chapin

CKD = completely knocked down
Lew Palmer

Similar to this old photo,,,


Well actually as the photo suggests, it stands for "Complete, knocked down".

In other words packed for transit, but with all the items needed to assemble to completeness packed with the car.

Sorry to be so pedantic, but we may as well get it right.
Alexander R

Wow!! Wouldn't you like to find one of those crates lost in the bck of some warehouse - the stuff of dreams.

I'm completely knocked over.

J K Chapin

OT but, In the early '90s I was restoring a Norton Commando. There was a dealer in Massachusetts that had several brand new, still knocked down in the crates. He let me reach in to one and trace the paint scheme off a red, white, and blue model. That particular scheme was the only multicolor, the others solids. I think may have had something to do with John Player tobacco.

At that time those bikes were already 20 year old, brand new!
J E Carroll

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