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MG TD TF 1500 - Automatic in a TD

fuel pumpat might grab some people's attention but don't hate me. I've been quite busy the past year or so, working on other peoples cars which is why you have not heard much from me. A few months ago I posted a few times letting y'all know some of what I've been doing but here is the bulk of what has been keeping me away from my own projects. I might get some flack about it but I really enjoyed the challenge and engineering. There are some here that also would have loved to do some of this.

Here is my letter to to the owner.


Vince, I applaud your efforts to make the change reversible. I can't help but wonder if she had driven the car with the O'Connor clutch mode for more feel if she wouldn't have been more comfortable. At any rate, thanks for the detailed report, and congratulations on a happy client!

Dave Braun

Thanks. There are so few TD's remaining that I could bring myself to cutting this one or anyone for that matter.

I'd be interested in hearing or reading about the O'Connor clutch mode.

Vince, I also applaud how you went about the conversion. It proves that a conversion like this can be done without chopping the car up and putting it into an irreversible condition. It's a little upsetting how some people make derogatory remarks about a conversion like this, before they know all the facts. Knew of an original MGB automatic that some would say their junk, won't get out of their own way! The car in mention was owned buy a gentleman who, for love of his country, lost a leg in the war and loved MGs. Knowing the facts saves embarrassing moments.
P Jennings

Kudos for making this "reversable"!
I, for one, would love to see some pix of the finished project.
Don't think I would ever go "auto" ...but has been a dream of mine to install a "hand-clutch" in mine for some years. I quit wearing my prothiese years ago due to back problems, but I have scarred the "B-Jesus" out of a few people that have ridden with me since!
The "up-side" is increased leg-room!
David Sheward

Sorry Vince, it is Clutch Mod... darn new Garage Laptop.

Here is a link. Essentially, by moving the hole in the belcrank up 1/2 inch you decrease the mechanical leverage fo the belcrank, while increasing the amount of throw needed to move the clutch. The result is a less digital clutch with a better feel. I do this on almost every TD I service.

I rarely do the clutch rod extension as with properly sized and renewed clevis pins it isn't usually necessary.

Also pictures on my restoration website under the gearbox and clutch section.
Dave Braun

This Clutch Mod makes the requided force much, much less! (amazing what a 1/2" will do)
Made a world of differance for as much as I operate my clutch with my left hand.
David Sheward

Talking about special setups for clutch activation, VW had an electric activated clutch release in the model with a semi automatic shift. When shifting normally, a slight movement of the shift lever would release the clutch. I had one in one I owned back in the middle 70s. Quite unique. PJ
P Jennings

I was not sure if this posting would even take. It is 5 pages in word. I'll be posting pics soon.

My congratulations to you on a job well done!! It is wonderful that you were able to do it so it could be reversed. And that Jane is keeping the engine/tranny so it can be reversed.

I hope this is what most people who switch to 5 speeds are doing.

We are in a position to set the standard for these conversions, and that must be that they can be reversed with the original parts.

That must have cost a bundle, would Jane allow you to reveal, at least what ball park you are in, as far as cost is conserned?

I almost forgot to congratulate Jane for carrying on with this project. Would you please convey to her my congratulations on funding a job of this magnitude.
Bob Jeffers

Vince, please allow me to ditto Bob's remarks. Bud
Bud Krueger

David, have you ever tried running a rod from the clutch pedal to a pivot and lever possibly attached to the steering column support?

Richard Taylor TD3983

Richard ,
Yes ...but not much success with that.
Years ago had a set-up on an Austin that worked very well. The big differance was that it was a hydraulic clutch. Problem here has been to get something that is "smooth" action. Have tried a couple servos ...but that has been kind of "off or on" real "feel"...if that makes sence.
The Austin set-up had a very natural feel and because the right hand was already on the shift lever it left one hand on the wheel.
Here is a rough drawling of that system.
The other nice thing was it left the foot clutch operational ...for my left-footed friend. (wife)
When she is with me, I work the clutch with left hand and she shifts the gears.
Can't seen to get the dawg to learn how to do that...he keeps whinning something about not haveing "opposing thumbs" ....same crap he gives me every time I give him a hammer of shovel! LOL

David Sheward

One of our local shops put in a automatic and different engine in a car years ago. I have seen it and it looks fine except for that. The owner only has a left hand, so shifting was a bit of a problem. Works for him. I am not a purist but dont like most new/different engine mods but there are exceptions if folks want to enjoy one of our little cars.
TOM Maine

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