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MG TD TF 1500 - Back from a 40 year nap

Had hoped to post a little first drive video last week when TD/C 21793 rolled out of the shop under her own power for the first time since the PO disassembled it in 1971. Time constraints have kept that from happening so far-maybe after Reno. Not intended to be a trailer queen-just did not feel an unsorted car should be put out there for a 3500 mile trip. Still a few details to finish, but it is a driver again. May thanks are in order to lots of folks. Dave's pics were indispensible, Tom Lange and Mike Shea provided impossible to find MKII bits, and my friend LaVerne kept me motivated. This BBS was the greatest asset in waking this old girl again. Thanks to all---Dan and Sharon Craig

Dan Craig

Hind end

Dan Craig

Makin' it move

Dan Craig

Looks great Dan. Great to see another one back on the road.

Dave Runnings

Dan, what a beauty! Congratulations and greetings, Huib
Huib Bruijstens

Raymond Wardenaer

A great car Dan. Have fun driving her. Matt
Matt Davis

Dan, Very, very nice! Now it's time to enjoy. .... Chris
Chris Malcolm (TD 29228)

Dan...what a beauty...well done indeed...!
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Beautiful work Dan! What else is there to be said other than, ENJOY! PJ
Paul J

Same color as mine. We have good taste! Hope mine comes out half as nice as yours! Now enjoy it.
efh Haskell

Dan, looks fabulous. Great job.
Are you willing to share what paint type and color code you used for your green?

'54 TF (green)
Tom Norby

Yes, Dan, beautiful job. And I like your choice of colors ;-) We are now into the enjoyment phase.

A W Parker

Man oh Man, Dan! That's the most beautiful Mark II I have ever seen in my almost 50 years of MG ownership!
Jim Merz

Wow, Dan beautiful job! I can't wait to see it person.

Dave Braun

Wow! I love the correct air cleaner and the attention to detail. Hope I can see it in person some day. How long did the restoration take? George
George Butz

Dan, fabulous vehicle and you'll surely enjoy it this summer and into the fall. The spot light is a very neat addition. George mentioned the air cleaner, and I'm curious as to the sticker on it. Was the sticker original on all TD's or just the TD II? Do you have a source for it? Thanks, Rich
Richard Olson 2

Well done, Dan. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

Great one Dan, good to see its done. GOF's may be more fun now. Hope to see you at some of them. Great Job...
Tom Maine (TD8105)

I can't keep my eyes off the attention to detail of the engine compartment! Paint and finish is simply flawless. The whole car looks like it just rolled off the assembly line.

1954 mgtf
Frank Cronin

While we are on the subject of Dan Craig, I have to raise my voice to a true MG supporter. When someone needs a part, he is almost always the first one to say that he has one and is sending it out. Support, encouragement, advice, he's a champ.

t lange

Thanks for all the great feedback, gentlemen. Made Reno last evening so the TD starts getting some overdue use. Answers; Happy to share paint details Tom-send em when I get home; Rich-to my knowledge the decal is peculiar to the flat-top 9" MKII air cleaner. May have an extra if needed; George-bought the car as a basket case 4 1/2 years ago.Set Reno as a goal last summer. Paint finished in Feb and final assembly completed last Tuesday (if you are ever truly finished?). The input and support of my friends on this BBS has been one of the best parts of the whole project-thanks again. Dan
Dan Craig

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