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MG TD TF 1500 - Barn find TA

The price of that garage-find problem TC encourages me to send off this picture of the 1937 TA I bought a few weeks ago, which had been stored in a New Hampshire barn since 1979. MPJG engine (factory exchange engine from 1952!), that turns freely. Tires hold air. Some wrong instruments, wrong generator, Fiat voltage regulator. Still...

The owner set the price, I increased it by 20%, and it was STILL less than half what the odd eBay TC brought.

They're still out there, folks.

Anybody have any TA parts?

Tom, Bar Harbor, Maine

t lange

Why can't I get the barn find TC I've always wanted? Looks good Tom

Well done Tom... check with Bob Grunau.....

It is nice to see that these still exist.

I am currently working on trying to buy a barn find. Sunbeam Tiger that I came across.
Bruce Cunha

I see a country western song in the making

It was the country charm
of that New Hampshire barn

that led me to the door
and oh what a score

There sat an MGTA
in the bundles of hay

when farmer John walked in
and said with a grin

take her for a spin
with my daughter Ginny Lynn

cause it's a package deal
like a Kentucky Fried Meal
Mike Hart

Mine went from a Barn, to a driveway, then back to a barn....


Wow, that's cool Tom!
Dave Braun

Nice, very nice!
Can't wait to see it cleaned up. Post some pics for us.

Anybody elese been watching the TB on fee-bay?
David Sheward

Glad to see the windshield wipers still work Tom:)
efh Haskell

Is that the generic, much-modified, TC-firewalled TB, lacking most TB fetures? An OK car to drive around town, but I wouldn't buy it to ever take to a meet. Too many originality police stalking away...

TA 1220, TB 0327, Mark II, TF1500, etc.
t lange


Congratulations. TA is a nice car. To bad you don't have the original (Wolsley) engine, but really nice all the same. Looks straight (lookit them doors!) and clean. You'll need a new apron. I might have one around here. And I suspect the headlamps aren't original

You're not alone in finding a nice MG in New Hampshire. Last year, I located a 1934 PA (see pic) in a barn on Walpole Road less than 2 minutes drive from Abingdon Spares (also on Walpole Road). Finally concluded the sale in November just before the cold weather set in. Still cold here in Rockburn (6 cms of snow today). So I've not really started on it yet. Was able to do ony the dashboard so far.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu

Gordon A Clark


Gordon is a bit off base with his comment about your engine. You do have the correct type, MPJG, for your TA. It is just a factory replacement. These are not Wolseley engines though they were used in Wolseleys (MPJW) and Morris (MPJM). This engine was a further development of the 1932 side valve Morris 10/4.

Just trying to keep things clear.

You will find the T-ABC people frequent a different site,

Great find. Good luck!

Mike Francks

You might feel a little bit sorry for Gordon. He is still snowed in in greater downtown Rockburn.
I think that ROCK FREEZE will be the factory replacement name for that metropolis.
Sandy said that.

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