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MG TD TF 1500 - Barrett Jackson Auction Ct

This is going to be interesting ! I wonder which hood props are in the tool box???? Do they think that they are under the impression that they are original? Hard to say from the way it is stated..

Lot # 51.1 MG-TD
look at the description,,,

>>The engine bay is well-detailed and appears correct, from the twin carburetors to the battery. The original tool box contains the hood props and the original jack for the car.<<

Steve Wincze

Looks OK. But how is the engine and trans?
M Grogan

"Engine compartment is well detailed"???
t lange

Engine looks nasty but mostly correct.
Seems they placed all the restro money onto the out side.
The carb over flow tubes are all over the place.
And one heck of a breather tube off the air cleaner.

Must have been afraid to steam off the engine compartment.

Think I might use my windscreen wing nuts for the
valve cover hold downs.
M Grogan

"The engine bay is well-detailed and appears correct..."

I guess they've never seen a well-detailed and correct TD engine bay.

I'm particularly curious about the overflow pipes from the carburetors. It seems to me that several years ago one of this forum members was having problems with his carburetors and it ended up being caused by his overflow pipes being directed forward into the airflow, pressurizing his carb bowls. Anyone else remember that?

Gene Gillam

Looks like some thermostat troubles with all the outside corrosion on the housing; so maybe those hood props will come in handy. Two styles of jet adjusting nut. Phillips head screws on dash on TD? Need new wiring if under hood any indicator. A good choice on the battery.
D mckellar

I know I'm a lightweight ( experience wise not gravitationally) among this group but aren't all our transmissions "4" speed, I know 1st is only for pulling stumps but we have four
Jon L

You are correct,, with the exception of aftermarket 5 speed over drive trannies.

Steve Wincze

Gene maybe that's the reason for the alfoil? over the ends of the tubes. D McK at some point after 1st Feb 1951, the birth date of my old girl, TD's did change to Phillip's heads not just on the dash but elsewhere. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Looking at the front on view of this car,interesting gap difference between the lower edges of the front left and right hand guards to the top edge of the bumper blade !

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

My 1/2 cent worth, are the speedo and tach from earlier year since they are flat faced? I enjoy looking at the pics to spot the differences. Also cloth braided hose from fuel pump.
Eric Brown

They would have trouble fitting the hood or roof with the windscreen wiper motor upside down too.
R Browne

Well spotted Rob. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Did they run out of upholstery to go below the doors?

M Magilton

It's going "on the block" today Thursday, really looks ratty, Is any one from this forum going to be there ??

Steve Wincze

This one was nasty as all get out and sold for 18 grand in Scottsdale two winters ago.

L E D LaVerne

A lotta huh? going on under the bonnet as well.

L E D LaVerne

This one was nice but has a few funny things...went for 80 grand.

L E D LaVerne

And of course this one went for 27.

L E D LaVerne

80 grand for that green thing? I totally missed that or forgot. The hood paint does not even match the body.
Christopher Couper

Must have paid extra for the red rocker cover and the copper vent elbow on top. I'm not a knowledgeable TD person, but even I can find various faults with the car. Proves dealers and politicians all went to the same schools. LOL. PJ

The green one had sold 4 months earlier at the Las Vegas BJ Auction for about 26 grand....Why 80 in Scottsdale 4 months later...? two shades of green...and several other...thats just not right things. There is no rhyme or reason to the auction game, except just like Vega...the house makes money.
L E D LaVerne

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