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MG TD TF 1500 - Barrett-Jackson TD

A '51 TD just went for $66,000.00 at the Palm Beach auction. Anyone know what was so special about it? It had an incorrect grille (chrome)and a wooden dash, but there was mention of some special provenance that I turned in to late to hear.
Richard Olson

I watched the segment and it was a one owner car that was restored in, I think, '79 if I heard it right at considerable expense. I noticed the wood dash and chrome grille and in addition there was no white felt in the tool box. I thought the hammer fell at $55K which to me seemed really high but the car was extensively documented all the way from the original purchase receipt along with a lot of promotional material. There was also a log of all miles driven, fuel purchased and maintenance performed. It was a nice looking car with a british racing green exterior and black interior.
A. R. Todd

Lot Number: 3810

Auction: PALM BEACH 2012
Status: SOLD
Price: *$71,500.00
Year: 1951
Make: MG
Model: TD
VIN: TD7545
Interior Color: BLACK
Cylinders: 4
Engine Size: 1300
Transmission: 4-SPEED MANUAL
Summary: Two owner car from new with one owner since 1963. Frame-off restoration. Original color combination, rebuilt original engine. Owner history and receipts dating back to 1963. Will be sold at approximately 7pm Friday April 6, 2012. Title in transit.
Details: A two owner car from new, it has spent 50 years with the second owner, who acquired it in 1963. In the early 90s the owner undertook a fastidious, 3-year, frame-off restoration to return it to its original glory. No expense was spared with over $62,000 spent. The car has been pampered and lovingly used since, having never seen rain or even a wash mitt and driven 3,861 miles since completion. Included with the purchase are the original owner handbook, maintenance records and logs from 1963 until the restoration, restoration receipts and post restoration logs until March 2012. Also included is an original workshop manual, a first edition of Richard Knudson's 1973 book, The T Series, a Moss Motors catalogue from 1969, the black softtop and side curtains, the original key and a letter from the owner. **WILL BE SOLD AT APPROXIMATELY 7PM FRIDAY APRIL 6, 2012** **TITLE IN TRANSIT**
Mort 50TD (1851) Mobius

No Way. The TC went for $27,000. The 77 MGB for $14,000, this mish mash for $71,000? and a Porsch Boxter with 57,000 miles went for $14,000 Something smells?

Ok, lets do what we are good at. Take this one apart.

Black interior

Chrome Grill

Wrong color on Horns

Bolts on firewall painted different from the car color

Dash not original and not all that attractive

Chassis/body number plate brass, not nickle

Coil is not original

Wrong voltage regulator. Did not change to 5 post until #8142 (per Clausager).

Oil pressure gauge is incorrect, dual oil/water did not come in until #13914 (per Clausager)

Added rubber pieces on fender in front of running board.

There appears to be something under the front bumper that I cannot identify.

Not sure on the Generator. Clausager does not list when it changed from the early one. My TD 4139 has the older style.

While none of these issues would be anything I would normally rag on. As we say, It's up to you what you do with it.

I guess Mr. P.T. Barnum is smiling from where ever he is.

Bruce Cunha

Just saw a 57 MGA go for $22,000

Lot Number: 618

Auction: PALM BEACH 2012
Status: SOLD
Price: *$22,000.00
Year: 1957
Make: MGA
Model: 1500
VIN: HDA4323647
Exterior Color: WHITE
Interior Color: RED
Cylinders: 4
Engine Size: 1500
Transmission: 4-SPEED MANUAL
Summary: Full restoration completed by NewBorne Classics of Riviera Beach.
Details: This convertible has just completed a full frame-off restoration. The goal was to return the car to original condition. NewBorne Classics carefully dissected the car, removing all the interior components, instrumentation, wiring, panels and convertible top to replace or recondition. The exterior was treated much the same way, all chrome, hood, trunk lid removed to strip and prep for new paint along with the remaining body panels. All work was performed to meet original specifications. The engine compartment was addressed in similar fashion, engine, transmission removed, all electrical components, heater box, wiring, brake and fuel lines and master braking/ clutch pieces removed. The engine compartment was also striped and prepped for paint. The underside of the vehicle had all suspension pieces removed, reconditioned and painted to original condition. A new wiring harness was installed and the instrumentation was tested. The vehicle was primed and painted in Old English Ivory. All new chrome was installed along with new interior components and convertible top. Detailed engine compartment and underneath the dash.
Bruce Cunha

Well, at least the TD had the correct marbled steering wheel.


Bobby Galvez

Look closely at the air filters. Looks like one off an MGA and another aftermarket job. Gauge face coloring doesn't match. missing the chrome on the glove box. I'd say mine is a lot nicer and closer to being correct. I'll let it go at a steal for half that $71,000.00.

I see about a dozen more non-original things about this car - don't get me started!

Tom Lange
t lange

Actually I'm happy for both the buyer and seller. The buyer now has a beautiful car that he can enjoy like many of us irreguardless what it cost him. The seller must be around my age if he purchased the TD in 1963. I bought mine in 1964 and also the second owner so my situation is similar to his. If I was parting with my TD, that price would certainly ease the pain. My regret is that I did not have the wisdom to hang onto all of the receipts over time. I'd love to see many more TD's sell at this kind of money and then perhaps the values or our little jewels might appreciate to what they should be.

Bill Brown

I love driving my TF and if the price got up into that atmosphere, I'd be scared to take it out on the road.
David Werblow

I'm with Bill....the higher , the better...Gives me hope that someday I'll get my money out...
The fact that it was so far from concours, is the icing on the cake (for me).
The buyer is happy, and the seller is ecstatic!
E.B. Wesson

Good thing BJ doesn't release buyers names.
"Somebody" would have a lot of offers on a fleet of T-Cars ...and this site would be a Ghost-Town! LOL
Gotta wonder what he would go on a MKII or a 1500.
Somebody sell him a TB and we could all retire and tour the country in Lambo's.
David Sheward

The seller did well. Looks like a nice basic restoration overall. However, I think there are nicer cars out there for half the money. Mis-matched gauge colors, late replacement horn/dip switch, not even a brass tach drive coupling nut, and definitely not the correct generator- the case should not be stepped and should have an inspection band at the back. For that much $ it should be totally perfect IMHO! George
George Butz

Gentlemen - I am afraid I disagree with some of your comments about value. IF that price reflected what a similar car would sell for under normal circumstances (ie, what appraisers call Fair Market Value - a price a willing buyer and a willing seller would agree upon, both being in full possession of the facts, and neither being under any complusion to act), I would think that perhaps the car is worth it.

But the price is nothing short of grossly inflated, due to the cachet of Barrett - Jackson, and the thrill of auction. It seems a decent $25-30,000 car, not a penny more, as the cars actually selling on eBay would indicate.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I certainly agree with Tom. It's a very nice $25K car. Along with the other comments about non-standard parts, black was not a factory color for the "hood" (top) or side curtains - tan duck only.
D Mason

I always wonder at the prices of the auction cars. High dollars make me feel warm and fuzzy but not real world. I was just at a tech session at London Auto here in Falls Church, Virginia. They had a yellow TR4 on the lift. Recently bought at auction (RM I believe $17K). Great looking. Does'nt run well and no 3rd/4th gear.
Peter Dahlquist

Lets throw "Market Analise's" out the window, as we all know by using that method the car's not worth half what it supposedly sold for and look at it this way, if you have something for sale, I want it, I have the funds to meet your price and am very happy to pay it to get the article, your happy, I'm happy and who cares what the rest of the world thinks. We all have paid more for something in the past than we wanted to and some of us have regretted it later, but money and desire always go together. Question, would your wife pay $10,000 for a dress if she had it to spend? Some would, just for bragging rights. Are they crazy? No, they just have the money to do as they wish as this TD buyer did. Wealth is what you make of it. JMHO. PJ
P Jennings

PJ - I agree completely. This sale is an anomaly, and doesn't truly reflect what T-types are now worth - or even selling for. I always find it most instructive to go to "Compltee Listings" on eBay and see which cars have and have NOT, and for how much. The ones that HAVE sold give me a pretty good idea of the present market.

There are always going to be bargains where I slap my forehead and say, "Why didn't I buy that," and over-priced sales to one bidder where I say "Boy, I'm glasd I'm not that poor sucker." The Barrett-Jackson TD falls into the latter category for me.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I worked with a lady once who had paid a high price for what I can't remember. Her rationale on the purchase was, "they had it, I wanted it, now I got it", simple as that.
R Taylor

Tom, Have you seen this ad? I'm so tied up in what I already have, so, I have to pass. Actually, divorce settlement would be too expensive! Grin. PJ
P Jennings

Don't get me wrong, I am happy for the seller, and if the buyer understands he could have paid many of us a lot less for a reasonably closer to original TD, that is great.

I do not know what it would take to totally restore a TD, like the one PJ listed. If done as correctly as possible and by a commercial shop, I would think $30,000 but that is a guess.

Bruce Cunha

....i'm sorry, but BJ and all the others are 'entertainment only'...just TV with a bunch of huge wallets getting all turned on (car wise) by the hype and reputation of the auction/auctioneers/spin/thrill, etc.... damn lot of buyers driving away thinking...'what the hell was i thinking, oh well, who cares, just park it with the rest'.....
....has absolutely nothing to do with the real world....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

PJ, the car you listed is the one I'm going to look at on Sunday. I started the very active "need to become TD expert" thread about it. At least he made up an excellent page with lots of good pictures on it.

Darel Matthews

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