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MG TD TF 1500 - basic wiring for engine starting

I have my motor ready for intial start-up after rebuild.Would like to get some input on a basic wiring set-up to start and run the motor for break in.(coil,starter,dist,start switch,etc.).
It is a positve ground car, I don't know if it makes a difference as I won't be hooking up the generator or regulater at this time.I would probably continue to use the set up to excerise the motor from time to time as the restoration continues.


B Stone

For your positive grounding using jumper-cables; connect the red wire to the + terminal of battery to the engine block, the other to the - battery terminal. Using alligator-clips and a light wire (18 Gauge), connect one end to the black jumper-cable on the battery and to the - pole of the coil, using the same size wire, connect the + pole of the coil to the distributor. To activate the starter, touch the black jumper-cable to the pole on the starter. You can stop the engine by removing either jumper.
David Werblow

Ben, how much wiring is present? TD or TF? Is there a wire connected to the fuel pump? Are there wires connected to the regulator? Is there a heavy wire between the starter switch and the starter? Using the starter switch avoids a lot of sparks. Bud
Bud Krueger

Good point about sparks, with fuel possibly present. At some point I damaged the brass threads on the starter hot terminal by using it as the "switch", due to sparking each time the jumper cable touched it. You could put a large ring teminal or something on it you could use to touch/clamp the cable to or something. Bud's idea to use the actual switch really good however. Is the motor in the frame? George
George Butz

Ben, you can see my startup test rig in action on YouTube. Search for "efhask" from Hope it helps. Mine is neg earth fyi. I have a crude wiring diagram. Holler if you would like to see it.
efh Haskell

Ed - I've been meaning to ask what sort of tire you have? I like the tread design.

Thanks very nmuch. Tom Lange
t lange

Nobody has mentioned it but I would not start the engine without the actual oil pressure gage or a similar range of temporary gage. I realize you were only asking for the simplfied wiring requirements but oil pressure is very important.

To Bud's point you could simply hook up a wire from the negative side of the battery to the fuel pump and ground the body of the pump.

Roy Challberg

Nice video Ed. My car is at about the same stage as yours in the video. I also had the gearbox in and out several times. Just finished the brakes,hooked up drive shaft and clutch. The machine shop did a dry start up as you did several months ago. I now have the radiator in and hooked up. Want to do a longer run in with coolant. I will spin the motor for oil pressure just as you did using the dual gauge from the dash, before ignition.I think I have a good grasp on what I need to do to prep things.If you want to send your diagram it would be helpfull.


B Stone

Ben, you have mail.
efh Haskell

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