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MG TD TF 1500 - Battery cutoff switch

When I got my TD it had a battery cutoff switch. It was mounted between the pos terminal and ground and located near the battery in the engine compartment. Any location is ok to use it as a cutoff when servicing the car but as a security device it is an awkward location. Any suggestions on a better location would be appreciated. Has anyone tried mounting it under the dash on the side of the glove box with the handle accessible from the glove box?
Mort TD 1851

mort, for security you could just pop the rotor out and put it in your pocket. regards, tom
tom peterson

I located mine inside under the dash mounted on the goal post. It is very to reach under the dash and remove the key. Have a good day!

John Progess

Mort. I have mounted a switch on the steeringcolumn under the dash just in front of the steering wheel. I can reach the switch from my driving position. Theplace of the switch is labeled on the dash so rescue people or others can see where it is if in an accident.
Norwegian insurence companies demand such a
switch and a fire extinguisher in classic
cars older than 30years.
Thoralf. Norway
Thoralf Sorensen (TD4490)

Mort - Good answers from the others. I would only add that you already have an excellent security device on the car that came from the factory - it's called a flyoff hand brake. If you doubt this, ask one of your non MG friends to release the hand brake and then stand back and enjoy the comedy session. My parents gave me a TD to drive when I was a senior in high school, along with the usual parental admonishment that no one else was to drive the car. Of course all my buddies in high school wanted to drive the car. I always told them that they could drive the car if they could release the hand brake - none of them ever drove the car. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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