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MG TD TF 1500 - Battery Heated Driving Gloves

This morning I drove the TD back from a weekend auto show with the top down (bout the only way I ever drive). The drive was about 40 miles, the skies were clear and the temperature was 33F (5.5C). I was bundled up pretty good including motorcycle gauntlets with woolen liners for my hands. After about 10 miles my fingers were painfully cold and by the time I reached the barn the pain was more severe than I want to tolerate just for the fun of driving the TD. We have a Polar Bear Run scheduled for Feb. 28 and I expect similar temperatures so Im looking at battery heated gloves on Amazon. Most of them get mixed reviews so Im wondering if any of yall have/use battery heated gloves and, if so, how yours perform. Thanks. Jud
J. K. Chapin

Check out Gerbing. I believe these are the same heated gear Harley Davidson sells without the HD logo and "Harley Tax" (HD stands Hundred Dollars every time you leave the dealership....)

These do work and a friend of mine who has the gloves and vest he is all nice and toasty riding in cold weather on a motorcycle. If you have them up to high too long, they will make you sweat.

You can connect to your battery to the car or use an accessory plug if your car is negative ground. If positive ground they have portable batteries but the length of time it lasts is impacted depending on how high you have the setting.

check out this link for Gerbing.

In addition to Amazon, check out motorcycle store websites. JP Cycles is one. You might get a better price.

Let us know how you make out.

mgtf 1414

Frank Cronin

I use Hot Hands or other brands of chemical heat packs when bicycling. They fit in the palm of your glove, and work really well. If your fingers get cold just pull them out of the glove fingers and wrap them around for a couple minutes. Cheap and simple. George
George Butz

I agree with George,, the chemical packs are inexpensive, come in various sizes,and can be put any where on your body that is cold and in need of warming.
Steve Wincze

If you are going to use heated gloves it might be wise to fit an alternator (if you haven't fitted one already), then it will easily cope with the power plus headlights, etc. A decent moden heater with a strong fan might help too.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Jud, 33? You're more a man than I.

I bought a pair of super warm motorcycle gloves in my motorcycle days. Not electric, but heavily insulated polartec lined etc etc. They worked pretty well, and I still use them for skiing etc. Problem I have with chemical packs is they do occasionally go wrong, and there's nothing like a sudden burning sensation to affect your driving....
Geoffrey M Baker

M, as soon as we got back to the barn I got in my sister's truck and warmed my hands as she drove me back to the show venue where I got into the MGB for the second drive. It had warmed up to 41F (5C) and the B has a pretend heater so my feet thought they were warm. Both cars ran well and the drives were enjoyable but I think those Gerbing gloves are in my future with some chemical hot packs in the interim. Jud
J. K. Chapin

Warm hands are nice. Cold freezing feet really get to me. Looking at foot warmers, like this
D mckellar

No TD driving in sunny upstate South Carolina today. This is looking out the garage and down my driveway. I'm sure this is nothing for many of you but 4" of this stuff brings my part of the world to a standstill. Jud

J. K. Chapin

Should I mention it is 75 and sunny here in Tucson? Sadly, while Lily Christine IV is running again, I haven't gotten the engine tuned to the point that I can drive her yet.
Geoffrey M Baker

Meanie :)
J. K. Chapin

D. mckellar,
I think those are made by the same company that makes the hover boards that you read about in the news !!!!

Steve Wincze

Look thermIC power gloves. Heats for 4 to 8 hours. We wear them for skiing. Vrey good!
Klaus Harthof

Klaus, they look great but at US$370 plus shipping for three or four cold driving days a year they are pretty steep:

Therm-ic Powerglove IC 1300 Heated Ski Gloves
by Thermic
Price: $368.35 - $399.99

If I were still a snow skier I'd probably get them.

J. K. Chapin

Hi Jud,
I think You have no problems with much snow in South Carolina.

Klaus Harthof

Klaus, what a beautiful place. Actually, snow is more of a problem here that it was when I lived in Maine and we had over 2 meters in one winter. In Maine they expect it and are prepared to handle it. Down here in the Sunny South three inches if the stuff once or twice a year brings us to a complete halt. Your picture evokes my way, way distant Nordic ancestry. Jud
J. K. Chapin


Well, given the US$350-400 price range of the heated gloves, I had given up. I went to a sports-outdoors store and bought for $US10 ten pair of chemical heat packs. On my way home from there I was passing a Harley-Davidson dealership and thought "I'll just take a look - I'm not going to buy anything." They carry Gerbing (H-D branded) 12v. gloves for US225 a pair. Try as I might, I couldn't walk away.

I've tried them only once in 45F weather so not much of a test but they seem to work. For our Club I'm running a "Polar Bear Run" on 2/27 (Mitch or anybody else, shoot me an email if you'd care to join us). It might be 50-60F but more likely 33-43F on that day so I'll probably be able to give a performance report after the drive. Jud
J. K. Chapin

<< I was passing a Harley-Davidson dealership and thought "I'll just take a look - I'm not going to buy anything.">>

That's what I say to myself too but end up opening my wallet...

Congrats on your purchase. Have fun on your Polar Bear Run.

Please recap.

Frank Cronin

Check out Gerbing on Amazon, lots of choices and less than HD.

James Neel

PETER HEHIR, STOP!! Dont Read Any Further! :-) Purists will be turning over in their differential cases.

Well, now that Ive bought the electrically heated gloves, I need a way to get power to them. For the B it was easy to attach the leads to the battery behind the seat with a pig tail hanging out to plug the harness into but for the TD, not so easy. My criteria were easy and no new holes. I bought a dual chassis mount binding post at Radio Shack and hoped that the holes for the inspection sockets would have a compatible spacing. Initially not to be but once I popped out the funny sawblade-ish washer, the actual holes were big enough to accommodate the RS fixture. I wrapped the inner part of the posts with insulating tape just to be safe and put it in (I of course saved the original sockets [Moss 142-800, $49.99] for whoever ends up with TD 25009 after I leave this mortal coil). Then I ran a wire for the Black terminal to the hot lug on the starter pull switch and from the Red terminal to earth V This so that it emulates a Negative Earth system. The fixture terminals are a nice dull red and black so they dont jump out at you. Yes, the pig tail for the harness loops around and looks like heck but its for use only a couple of times a year then is all just lives in the tool box out of sight. Jud

J. K. Chapin

Without the pigtail attached. Jud

J. K. Chapin

Jud, a dual banana plug will go nicely into that socket. Bud
Bud Krueger

Bud and Jud,

Those dashboard jacks are "pin jacks" not banana jacks if they have not been change in the course of repair/restoration. Just saving a trip to Radio Shack. ;)

Jim Haskins
J M Haskins

Jim, he totally replaced the OEM jacks with a standard dual banana jack. Bud
Bud Krueger

I go skiing a lot in winter. I invest in a new pair of Head brand ski gloves each season. I ski on days when the temperature is 2-9 degrees fahrenheit, and my hands stay toasty warm.

I get one size larger than my hand size so I have plenty of air inside the gloves to circulate warm air. My size is a small/medium, and I wear medium gloves for extra air space.

1952 MG TDC
2008 BMW 328i Last of the inline 6 cylinder engines.
EB Blackwelder

Peter H,

While you are about the gloves Peter,could you design a pair
of fridge cooling Air Conditioned gloves for driving the TF? (lol).

This Summer in Perth has had temperatures soaring to 42C !!!

Rob Grantham

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