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MG TD TF 1500 - Battery Trickle Charger

Looking in the Archives and saw a recommendation from Larry Shoer, Mass., concerning a VDC Battery Trickle Charger; 12 v. Being new at this, wanted to make sure that description includes a 12v 1.3 amp charger - saw one made by VDC advertised as Battery Minder as Model No. VDC-12117. Link is : Am I correct? RUSS YOUNG
D R Young


We have several VDC-12117 BatteryMINDer Plus 12 Volt 1.3 Amp battery chargers. We have used them for a couple of MGs, a boat battery, and a more modern car that stays at a seasonal home. The BatteryMINDer works well for all these uses.

The manufacturer's website is:

More innformation about this specific model can be found at:

Larry Shoer

LARRY: Thank you for your answer. You should get a commission on the sales. RUSS YOUNG
D R Young

The "commission" I receive is the wonderful information on this Bulletin Board and being a part of this community. There are three major elements to my enjoyment of this hobby: working on my TD, driving my TD, and participating on this website.

Best regards,

Larry Shoer

LARRY: It does appear to be a friendly group. I have been "out" of the MG community since the late 60's, when I married, and children began to arrive. Have recently begun getting my TF restored with the thought that I should drive it before I became too old to get in/get out of it. I am not mechanically inclined, unfortunately, so I do not foresee much working on the car myself. However, I know I will enjoy driving it - and I can't wait. Otherwise, it is back to the bowling league. RUSS YOUNG
D R Young

"LARRY: It does appear to be a friendly group."

Definitely. For a while I participated in a board on ancient gramophones but I quit. No board I know beats this one.

Denis L Baggi

Is "ancient gramophones" a collective term for grandparents? If so, I have some experience in that line that I could offer/share. RUSS YOUNG
D R Young

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