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MG TD TF 1500 - Bellhousing shroud covering 51TD

The metal bellhousing shroud cover (or transmission tunnel) on my MG is pretty beat, but serviceable. It is currently covered with faded blue vinyl with some insulation sandwiched between the vinyl and the base metal, with a couple of odd repairs.
Looking at Dave Braun's wonderful site, I see he just painted his and then used a sound deadening cover.
I was wondering whether there was a) just a spray on sound deadening foam anybody has used (the shape of the shroud is so irregular that using sheet material is difficult at best) and b) what people would recommend to use as a sound deadening sheet if that is what you recommend. I know Moss sells some (probably expensive) stuff but wondered if there was some acceptable generic material available locally that you might recommend?
Geoffrey M Baker

Geoff, I used a product called Dynamat. It is a heavy black sticky, tar-like substance with one side covered with aluminum foil. It is very pliable and adheres to all the bends and curves. It deadens sound, restricts heat transfer and once it is applied, it will stay put forever. It is not cheap and I think you have to buy a 35lb. box of it but not sure of that. More than enough for the toe board, transmission cover and floor boards. Google the name and you will get all the right info.
Jim Merz

I purchased some material sold by Eastwood that appears to be identical to Dynamat for a lot less money. Comparing the specs for the two, it appears that Dynamat can also be placed under the bottom of a bonnet, whereas Eastwood is only spec'd for floors and such. From that I inferred that Dynamat sticks better to the underside of things. Other than that, the specs and construction appears identical. YMMV.
David Littlefield

Seems like Eastwood and others sell a spray on version of their products; "Boom Mat" and others. I was considering spraying on a couple of coats and then covering with vinyl for a better look. Has anybody done this?
Geoffrey M Baker

Geoff -

Look on Chris Couper's TD site. He has a pattern to cut insulation to fit the hump. I believe that it's in the details section under "Carpets".

I would link to it, but I'm away from my computer.

I used the felt padding that came with my Moss carpets ... no additional insulation. You could buy thicker felt padding at an upholstery shop to use on the hump instead of the standard Moss padding. It's pretty cheap.

I followed the instructions on Chris's site and glued the padding to the carpet instead of to the hump.

LM Cook

Watch the thickness of padding next to the throttle pedal- not much room there.
George Butz

I've ordered some "moldable" Boom Mat product which used with a heat gun conforms to the shape. I'll report on how it goes.
I plan on priming and painting the bellhousing cover, then spraying the underneath with a couple of coats of sound deadening undercoat. It should help it fit to the floor tighter and also reduce noise even before installing the Boom Mat on top.
Geoffrey M Baker

Heres a pic of the Boom Mat product on the bellhousing. It fit pretty well! It can be peeled off easily, another advantage. I'm not going to glue it in place, I think it will hold well.
I just used a heat gun and trimmed it as it lay down. I patted it and stretched it and folded it a bit here and there. Overall, I think it's an easy product to use.

Geoffrey M Baker

I sprayed a rubber coating on the underside and added some weatherstripping. Tomorrow I'll see if it fits!
Geoffrey M Baker

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