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MG TD TF 1500 - Bench service question - Fuel line

I received my new SU positive ground fuel pump for my TD as a replacement for the one mentioned here that ended up breaking off at the inlet pipe side. It is a '70's vintage German pump, and the base, and threaded inlet, were plastic. Probably no surprise why after 30 years it broke when I was tightening the fuel line down.

The SU obviously has a base and inlet thread that are of more solid construction, but when I went to attach it I realized that the threads from the old pump are still connected to the very strongly tightened fuel line. See picture attached.

I tried grabbing what little protruded from the nut and it simply broke off. I tried to dig a little out with a razor and came so close to my hand that I gave up on that before I had to make a run to the emergency room. I'm tempted to hit it with a heat source, but the idea of warming up any remaining fuel in the line and turning it to vapor (briefly) before igniting it caused me to hold off on that idea.

Any ideas?

Stan Griffis

Here's the view from the side

Stan Griffis


It's plastic? So try with a thin coping saw blade to start two slots opposite of each other, and then get it with a broad screwdriver blade or suitably fitting flat piece (something held in a vise grips?)

hope this helps,
Dave Braun

I would remove the other end of the line and blow though it removing any liquid remaining. flush it out with water and then apply heat. The little bits should soften up so that you can pry them out. Do not heat it to the melting point or you will create further complications. A sharpened dental pick will prise it out when warm.Follow up by using a hair dryer to blow out and dry the fuel line
Sandy Sanders

Dave - I tried your suggestion, but the amount of material I have to work with just isn't getting me enough of a channel to create a slot. I am thinking that a 1/2 spade wood drill bit might work pretty similarly though. I'm just concerned I'll bugger up the inside threads in the process.

Sandy - I'm trying desperately to avoid removing the line at the tank as I filled up 2 miles before all my fuel woes began, and I just don't have an easy way to get rid of all this fuel.
Stan Griffis

Stan - Don't use a spade bit, there is a compression nipple on the end of the fuel line (see the chart, fuel line fittings in the SU Fuel Pump Articles section of my web site at: Fig. 11). Get a screwdriver with a blade that is just wide enough to fit inside the collar of the fitting (the same fitting is on the line from the pump to the carburetor) and use a torch to heat the blade up enough to melt its way down into the plastic so you get a good grip on it. Then hold the collar with a wrench and unscrew the plastic. If all else fails, use a soldering iron to dig the plastic out of the fitting (don't worry, the soldering iron won't ignite the fuel in the line. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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