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MG TD TF 1500 - Bent swivel pin

The right swivel pin is bent on the TD I'm tearing down. I see Moss still lists them. Has anybody changed one out. Special tools? hazards? directions? Seems to me I remember some threads saying don't change out the steering arms.


Here's the latest swivel pin thread - got archived yesterday! Check June 11,2009 Archives: "Swivel Pin removal"

Ron, fifty3td
R.G. Linden

Hi Laverne,
If you can round up a good used right one with the arm attached, life will be a lot easier. I was able to do that on the left side of my TF, as the threads were totally corroded.
Mike Davis
MW Davis

LaVerne, pretty straight forward to change, need a machine shop with a press and someone who knows what they are doing. Don't even think about straightening of course. Obtain the new swivel pin (different each side- one left hand thread). Remove the big nut that holds the steering arm in. The steering arm is tapered, and will be stuck in the knuckle (I think there may be a key in there to prevent rotation ). Carefully block the assembly, and press on the threaded end of the steering arm (with the nut loosely on to protect threads) to pop it loose, remove the steering arm. That will unlock the pin from the knuckle. Then press the pin out of the knuckle. It will only go out one way. Reverse- press the new pin in, then install the steering arm and tighten the nut. A few taps to make sure it is seated wouldn't hurt. Been a few years since I did this, so anyone else please chime in with corrections. May as well magnaflux the knuckle and the arm while apart. George
George Butz

Boy, that was about as comprehensive as it gets, George! Good luck with the Pin, LaVerne.

Dave Braun

Think I'd be ahead of the game if I just bought this?

That part is nicely presented BUT:
1-Has it been crack tested?
2-How much play is there in the threads? The original brass wears quicker than the steel replacements available over here.

A year ago I stopped my TF to do a U-turn and heaved on the steering wheel, when....CLUNK! The front leant to one side! Broken swivel pin! Thank God I was stationary.
I purchased a new pin but was not happy with the fit of my old links and ended up buying a complete new set for both sides. LBC mechanic did the pressing for me.
DO NOT take a chance with these items.

Matthew Magilton

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