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MG TD TF 1500 - Best parts to fit in a suitcase

I may get to go to the Spring Beaulieu (sp.?) autojumble (flea market) in the UK. (My company is recommending that I stop over in the UK on my way back from a trip to Japan, to attend a meeting in London.

So, if you were going to a large British parts flea market, what you bring back in your (limited) suitcase? Years ago I brought back an NOS steering wheel from Dublin, in my checked bag- it's on my TD.

I do know that I want a set of Andrex front shocks, if they exist, and a set of side marker lights (with the King of the Road emblem). I also bought TD tools on one trip to the UK.

Any suggestions?

Ira Spector

I do the autojumbles every time I'm in the UK and there's one on. Been to several last year at Shepton Mallet.

You should have no problem with the sidelights. Many vendors will have the repros, with red KOR red dots, and you're apt to find some originals in need of some work. Never know, you may find some pristine originals. Not sure about finding the Andrex, as I hadn't looked for them.

Check out Tim Hodgekiss at Vintage Motor Spares booth. His website says he'll be there.

A lot of repro parts, originals, and lots of stuff you can't seem to find here in the US. Check his website, and see what you like, and contact him. I believe he'll bring it to the show with him for pickup)no affiliation or interests, just a suggestion).

Be prepared for steep prices, as the Dollar isn't worth much these days. As for the suitcase, well, whatever you can fit I guess :-)


Larry Karpman


Its a lot different today than it was 12 years ago when I went to my first autojumble. Then the exchange rate was better and the UK prices were better. I just bought an extra suit case when I was there and the next time I took an empty suitcase with me but with the extra charges for aillines it might be better to ship the parts back.

Good luck and enjoy the parts hunting.

David Honness

This thread was discussed on 23/04/2008

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