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MG TD TF 1500 - Beware of TD Rip-Off on eBay

Less than a month ago Abingdon Spares sold a perfectly-well described TD on eBay, a loosely-reassembled parts car with frozen engine, missing many parts, etc. An honest description of a car "in need of complete restoration. Engine does not turn over..." selling for a very honest $3,700. I had my hands on the car and know what rough shape it was in. It was sold without title, and transported to Florida.
Here's the eBay entry:

Although you would probably not recognize it, less than a month later, THE SAME CAR reappears on eBay in Florida, with a paint-brush paint job over the old, rough paint, described in glowing terms such as "Engine and transmission are in tact and was running fine, years ago before being garaged. The paint + metal are pretty good but could use a refresh down the road." It looks to me as though NOTHING was done to this very rough car but get a coat of green house paint on it, and re-list. The car is still loosely AND INCOMPLETELY bolted together, and it needs a complete re-assembly, and complete engine and brake rebuild! It now has a FL title, as well.

This is nothing short of flim-flam, and the fact that it has been bid to $7,515 is only explicable by shill-bidding, with a reserve of "less than $10,000", as the seller says. It is a $4,000 car PERHAPS. The dealer has a better imagination than I, inventing this about the car's history - " This MG-TD had been a driver for many years [weren't most MG's?]. Eventually it was taken in to have some fuel pump work done [total fabrication], but had been sitting ever since [all cars are sitting when they have been taken apart]. " The dealer has made it a private sale so nobody else can even see who is bidding!


Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Good spot Tom.
But the dog must add some value though?

M Magilton

I absolutely love 'The wood floorboards are in stellar shape'. The only good thing they could find.

D A Provan

You guys got it wrong. Lots of good found, and that second guy did do stuff to car. Surprised it was missed. Good turn signal switch, and the glove box door pull, and the license plate light. Probley some engine stuff also removed. All that good stuff removed (and the first wheels) before 2nd guy got the Florida title and plate in the mail. Fast!
S Cole

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