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MG TD TF 1500 - Bill's drives his TC

First time in 40 years... still much to do but he had a nice smile yesterday.
MG LaVerne

Looks and sounds great,'ve done a good job. The steering didn't look that bad either...what did you adjust/tighten?

I have the same trouble getting in and out (well, maybe not quite) but I've found that it helps to remove the steering wheel...just pull it off and you've got plenty of room to get in and out and it installs quickly.
Gene Gillam

I might suggest that on the wheel. I have it up as far as it can go. He has decided to get the VW conversion and we will put it in. He insisted I drive him first yesterday, so We took it out and back..two miles... I got it up to 50..two hands no camera crap this time...still think the conversion will be a good idea...I'd do it if it were mine. Water pump started leaking like a sieve so I have a note off to Butch for a new pump. The valve cover gasket was new 40 years ago but it's hard as a rock and thought the oil would soften it up and I could get it to seal. Apparently a note off to Tom for a silicone gasket. Nose piece is at the platers ...gas tank leak repair yet to be tested. I think were are getting close.
MG LaVerne

Awesome. I bet he felt 40 years younger driving it!
Frank Cronin

Tell Bill congrats. Now he truly understands why I drive mine with shoes off!
What's a "VW conversion"?
efh Haskell

Steering box replacement Ed. Supposedly much better that the original set up. Dynamo isn't putting out either... think I'll take it to a shop in town and have them refurbish it.
MG LaVerne

Very nice! Must have been a great feeling for him.

A bit of a suspenseful beginning - for a moment it looked like he was going to sideswipe that wall!


Bobby Galvez

"Better" is subject to personal preference. I have a Datsun box installed and the steering ratio is dramatically lowered. The VW is even lower than mine. You have to really turn the wheel a lot to get around a sharp corner, which means your hands are hitting your thighs. I've considered changing back to stock, or finding something at least with a higher ratio as original. That said, it does make driving physically easier. You can drive down the road with one finger.

Now Bill just has to remember the proper dismounting technique. You can't remove both legs before standing up. It's one leg out, then slide to the outside, swing or push yourself up and lastly remove the other leg! ;)
Steve S

Car looks great and He sure looks happy!
I wear a thin "deck shoe" that may help a lot over the heavy shoes he had on.
Steve ,
For me: "It's one leg in, one leg out" ...not sure if it's a body modification most would opt for ...but it works for me! LOL
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

I installed the VW conversion with a friend. It is best done tub off, but we did it with the tub on. The challenge is in drilling the mounting hole through the chassis, which we were successful with. Luckily, there is an alternate approach if you screw this step up.

Dave Braun

"Luckily, there is an alternate approach if you screw this step up."

What ya guess my odds are :-) and is the hand a permanent part of the conversion or just a future flangie for a Moss catalog?


I will have the radiator out though. I think you should fly down here and show me how you did it Dave. I'm always willing to learn :-)
MG LaVerne

Just take the front fender off, LaVerne...opens everything up that you need to get to (the frame).
Gene Gillam

LaVerne: If your dynamo Has been sitting a long time ,it has lost it"s polarity. You have to flash it to repolarize it.Flash it from Batt. to Field or armacher. Forgot witch one.
Dave Rezin
DL Rezin

Already done that Dave but thanks for the thought. Could be the control box and I'll check the dynamo before I pull it.
MG LaVerne

Re getting in, once upon a time we all tried to imitate Stirling Moss by vaulting in over the door.....

WARNING: Do not try this if you're over 25.
D A Provan

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