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MG TD TF 1500 - Bio fuel mix

Anyone have comments or observations about some of the alcohol blends that are becomming more and more prevelent at the pump in the US?

My TF is still in the build stage and will not be on the road for a while, but if there is something I need to do before I get it buttoned up I want to know about it.

Never thought about it as Oregon sells "real" petrol, but I drove my Citroen Ami down to California this summer and I had to do an adjustment to the air/fuel mix and spark advance to get it to run correctly after the first tank or two of their blended fuel.

If all it takes is the carb adjust and some other little tweeks, I'll be doing that anyway when I fire off the engine for the first time. I believe the blended fuel burns a little cooler so there should not be any extra errosion on the valves other then what we get with unleaded that we already have.

I understand that some of the blended fuels have high solvent capacity and can cause problems with seals and such.

Any observations???

Unless you have the Teflon Flex fuel lines, you may experience rubber fuel kine failures, (and fuel pump diaphram failure)

I had both happen on my MGB on putting high alcohol content gas.
Don Harmer

I just know that I will never put any alcohol in my LBC's unless there is no alternative. And the way they're producing alcohol around here, it may not be long before I'm forced to. The price difference is now about 5 cents a gallon, where it used to be about 3 cents. I don't even use alcohol in my modern cars, but may start if the price difference gets much higher.

The fuel pump diaphragm is my biggest worry.

Tom, don't forget that Ethanol fuel only produces about 71% of the gas mileage that gasoline does, so the price difference needs to be proportional.

D C Congleton

I put in the valves designed for alcohol in my car, IE hardend and run ethonal in my car. Dont like it but unless you put premium in the car that is 92 octane there is nothing else available nearby here in Bloomington. We do in Mn. have access to non alcohol fuel at some stations. The stellite valves work fine and since I have removed my head because of the blown crank, the valves appear to be in great shape after 9000 miles.
TRM Maine

If I'm not mistaken, the US government has mandated the car manufacturers to prepare for up to 15% ethanol.

In addition to the fuel lines, what about the gas tank seals, the SU seals, and as mentioned, the fuel pump?

Even the previously impervious Viton and Buna N compounded seals and lines, are in jeopardy. From my meagre knowledge, it seems that Teflon is the only current solution.

We are all going to need new compounds in our seals. I wonder if Moss/Abingdon/Buerlen etc are listening?

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon A. Clark

With the exception of the diaphram in my fuel pump, I don't think I have any rubber in my fuel tank, fuel lines or carburetors. My gaskets on the sending unit are cork, my fuel line is copper and my seals on the carburetors are also cork.

Slushing compound says it is alcohol safe, so metal in the gas tank should be ok. I really have not paid any attention to which fuel I use has or does not have alcohol.

Wondering if this is similar to the issues we went through with unleaded?
BEC Cunha


The flex line from the Fuel Pump to the rear carb and the line between the float bowls were rubber. These and the eaarly fuel pump diaphrams can be attacked by alcohol.

New flex fuel lines from Moss are safe.
Don Harmer


Forgot about the pump to carb. I had replaced that some time back with a braded line that is alcohol safe. My TD has a hard copper tube between the two carburetors. I know this is something that someone may have made (It was on the car when I bought it in 1973)
BEC Cunha

Yeah, the braided rubber tube between carbs was leaking on mine in the early 70's, before they were putting alcohol in.

Reminds me of a story an old mechanic told me. When they were talking about gasohol during the fuel crisis about 20 years ago and if it would work. He said "I don't know what they're all wondering about. During the war, they did the same thing - put some alcohol in with the gas."

I noticed a type of diaphragm material this summer when I replaced the one in the lawn mower. Actually has a fabric base, covered/impregated with a rubberlike stuff. Is there anything stretchy that won't be eaten by putting more alcohol in our fuels?

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