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MG TD TF 1500 - Bleeding Brakes

Does anyone know the answers to the following:

1 How many pumps of the brake peddle does it take to ensure that all of the fluid in the longest brake pipe is expelled? (I.e. when replacing the brake fluid in the system and after you empty, and then refill, the reservoir)

2. With the reservoir full, what is the maximum number pumps you can do and still ensure that you have not emptied the reservoir?

Thank you,

Frank Grimaldi
Frank Grimaldi

I don't think anyone will be able to give you answer to your questions...there are just too many variables. Just keep an eye on the reservoir (which you'd have to do even if you thought you knew how many pumps it would take) and you'll be fine.
Gene Gillam

Also, don't make the mistake of immediately reintroducing the expelled brake fluid back into your resevoir to top it up, as it may have gotten aerated with small bubbles and cause a spongy pedal. Cheers Phil
Phil Atrill

I use a plastic Erlenmeyer flask. It has a rubber two hole stopper.
One hole has a copper tube that extends down, almost to the bottom. The other hole is a bleed hole and is empty.A piece of CLEAR tygon tubing goes from the copper tube to the bleed fitting on the wheel A small amount of break fluid is in the flask. Enough to cover the bottom of the copper tube. You can position this so you can see the Tygon tube.

In operation you crack the bleed valve and step down on the peddle fast. Then slowly let the peddle come up. The fluid coveing the copper tube prevents air from coming back up the line. Repeat as necessary

When the tube is clear of bubbles the Air is out of the line.
This turns break bleading into a one man job but you still need to keep an eye on the master cylinder level.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Ask the Owl!!

lol, sorry I couldn't resist.

Richard Taylor TD3983

A set of Speed Bleeders is only $28 and is a lot simpler. IMHO. Bud
BTW, Frank. You're safe at 3 full strokes of the pedal.
Bud Krueger

To keep the MC full cut the top off a 1 or 2 litre plastic bottle. Put a little plumbers tape around the treads on the cap and then screw it into the top of the MC . Nice snug fit.

Dave mgtf 1955
Dave Moore

I used a system very similar to the one described by Jim,,,,but my system used a glass bottle with clear tubing,,,, I never knew it had a name though!!!!


I'd endorse the use of Speed Bleeders - made the job a doddle. Not available this side of the pond but, after reading the thread on here in late July this year, I got some sent over by Kirby Fleming in the States (and a very nice bloke he is too).

- Tom.
Tom Bennett - 53TD 24232

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