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MG TD TF 1500 - Bleeding MG TD brakes

After fitting new master cylinder when I try to bleed brakes the brake fluid keeps blowing back through the master cylinder cap. Has anyone had or seen this problem and if so what is causing it ?
PC Clinton

Hi PC, I find that a certain amount of fluid is ejected upwards on each stroke of the brake pedal. I just put the lid back on loosely to prevent it spraying out. I think this must be normal as the bleeding is effective and the brakes work fine. Are you finding that the bleeding is not working at all? Matt
Matt Davis

Cut the top off a large plastic coke/ lemonade bottle. You can screw it into the top of the master cylinder ( perhaps a little plumbers tape on the threads ...) You can then fill this with fluid easily, see when the level is dropping and catch all the 'blow back'.

Dave Moore

Hi PC,
this is normal, there is residual pressure in the system as you release the pedal, the fluid then jets out of the recuperation hole powered by the brake return springs. If you fully adjust the brakes (ie lock them up) you will reduce the amount, also release the pedal slowly.
Ray TF2884
Ray Lee

Thanks for the feed back I was beginning to think that perhaps I had a faulty master cylinder. The blow back is so severe that the fluid makes it's way out through the bleed hole on top of the fill cap. Maybe I have greater back pressure in the system because I have just replaced all the brake cylinders. How full should the master cylinder be? Thanks again for all the suggestions,I will give some of the suggestions a try today. Will post how I get on
PC Clinton

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