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MG TD TF 1500 - Bleeding MGTD Brakes

Just a simple technical question about bleeding brakes. Whereas access to the master cylinder in our cars is a bit more difficult than "under the hood" systems. Is it permissable to leave the top of the master cylinder open and have a fill line running into the MC to top off between cylinder purges. I have heard both ways Open Ok and must be sealed off for pressure. I would think that open would be OK oweing to the design of the piston. The recent article about the speed bleeders generates thsi question. If MC can be open and the bleeders are everything they say then annual purging and cleaning fluid is really now a breeze.
Jon Levine

Many years ago I installed a small fluid reservoir from a Datsun on the firewall of my 54 TF. I drilled the cap of the original master cylinder and installed a 90 degree hose bib. A simple plastic tube from there to the new reservoir comp[leted it. Filling it and leaving the cap loose and all the air would escape upwards.

jon, while bleeding you can leave the cap off.
in regard to your planning on annual fluid replacement, i am not familiar with the concept of ANNUAL fluid replacement. would you reference your source for the technical data that supports annual brake fluid change? i am not sure what you are running, but there are folks here that have run dot 5 (silicon)for years without changing. silicon is not hygroscopic so perhaps you are running DOT 3, 4 or 5.1 which are hygroscopic and as such should be checked and periodically changed. even the current oem's don't call for annual changes. BMW and subaru call for two year changes, ford 3 years and GM does not call for change..ever. gm does say they started using brake hoses in 1993 that all but eliminate moisture transfer and they say they have additives that also limit moisture being absorbed into their brake fluid. regards, tom
tom peterson

Jon, the M/C cap is vented. Leaving it off is no problem. Just keep the dirt away. Bud
Bud Krueger

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