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MG TD TF 1500 - Blind Optimism?

Is this blind optimism, or does it have some basis in reality?

Bobby Galvez

Hi BobbyG,

Not being an expert on TCs, is there such a vehicle as a special 'exu'? As for the price, words fail me!

Thanks for bringing this item onto the Forum.


J C Mitchell

Yes, the "EXU" model was a limited edition...but as a TC owner there's not a one worth $98K, EXU or not. But I wish there was.
Gene Gillam

According to the information that I have no TC's were produced in 1950 so do you trust the rest of the info.
Mick Cook

Hemmings sold a Ferrari for $ 16.390.000, so a mere $ 98.000 is peanuts for them, not even six digits....:

I may learn to like the engine-turned dashboard, but I don't like the look of the engine-turned generator.
Willem vd Veer

According to the Register, that tc was manufactured on June 28 1949 and had XPAG 9598 as the original motor.
That plateon the car looks awfully nice to me, very neat and all the stampings arein line, not what mine looks like.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

Here it is again as a separate listing on Hemmings as well - this time at auction where the estimate is considerably lower than the $ 98,500 in the other ad:

Bobby Galvez

I didn't think export TCs had full bumpers...more a nerf bar type? I thought examples built for export were also left hand drive (could be way off)....
Even 60-80 is a tad high?
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Anyone know of a TC front axle for sale? A friend of mine is looking for one. Thanks, Marvin
Marvin Stuart

Correct me if wrong...wasn't there a TF a few years ago from the same stable at a very high price with some very "questionable features & claims"?
(claimed to be a 1500 but had shown up elsewhere as a 1250 and a 1500 "project car" that had been for sale a few years ealier as a "pair"?)
As I recall that one was very well done also ...but something just not "right" with the papers and numbers on the fresh tag.
Not sure what became of it but believe the asking price was around $50k.
Red car out of Texas?
David Sheward

Ok, Someone educate me. I know the TD originally had a nickle plated ID plate. Did the TC? So, if you are going to ask this kink of price, should the details not be as perfect as they can be?
Bruce Cunha

EXU models were made for North American export in 1948 and 1949. They were a standard TC with changes to cater to the American market, most notably bumpers with overriders, turn signals, horn moved to the engine bay and a slightly changed dash layout. By 1949 the TC was too outdated even for the British, and the TD was released with a few styling cues from the TC/EXU including the bumper styling.
Steve S

You guys need to learn more about TC's
What Steve said is true. Besides the bumpers the EXU had turn signals and 7" headlamps with no front mounted horn or fog lamp.

Gordon, this car has the correct EXU bumpers including the overiders which are now extremely hard to find. The only other MG to use them was the YT. There were no factory produced left hand drive TC's.

Bruce, the ID plates were originally nickel plated, a flash plating which doesn't hold up very well.

Mick, it was common in the U.S. for cars to be titled when they sold new, not when they were built. We had a member in our club with a 1950 TD tilted as a 1953 and it still hard to convince him otherwise.

As for this particular car, it was part of Gene Ponder's collection which he sold most of by auction in April, 2007. I was at the auction where it sold for $74,000. When it came up for sale recently I was really hoping they would get their price because mine might rise with it.Ha Ha.

I mean when the Carroll Shelby TC sold 3 years ago for $315,000 I was hoping it would have the same effect. Plus it was built on the very same day as mine.

In closing, the Ponder TC just sold at auction in Monterey for $66,000 so it depreciated $8,000 in 4 years.

Sorry to be so long winded.

Mike Francks
TC 8332 EXU

....thanks Mike....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Great post, Mike! Not long winded at all - in fact it's quite concise given the amount of information you offer within.

That TC turned my head with an asking price of $ 98,500. It seemed waaaaay out there. The $ 66,000 seems high as well. Is it due to the rarity of supercharged export versions that it prices so well?

I mean, despite being down from its price 4 years ago it still is quite higher than the average restored TC.

What was special about the Shelby TC? Is is simply the provenance that added so much value?



Bobby Galvez

Gee, I was hoping that someone would buy it at $98,500; then decide to sell and make a quick $1,500.
David Werblow

Well, If you've got that money burning a hole in your pocket, why not let them make a quick $ 34,000? ;-)

Bobby Galvez

It would appear that we all bought the wrong T type.
The TC is the one to go for on both sides of the pond if this dealer gets the asking price (Note 1 = $1.6)
Mike Sutton

Bobby, it was obviously the Carroll Shelby connection that upped the ante. This was a car he never owned just raced.

Mike, it's funny with all this EXU discussion that the car for sale in the U.K. is an EXU that found its way home. This could happen a lot more with the dollar getting weaker every day. Besides they love our (relatively) rust free cars.

Mike Francks

Good day all:

Addressing the question of there being no TC's produced in 1950, that is true. But vehicle dating seems to fall back upon the first time any car was registered.

I cannot vouch for other jurisdictions but my TC6768, produced Oct.08,1948, took until 1949 to be received by the local, Vancouver BMC dealership. Therefore it was first registered as a 1949 model.

It had taken from October 1948, after leaving the Abingdon Works, to May of 1949, to land in Vancouver, and was sold in late June. It appears as a 1949 on the orignal owners' paperwork.

I went through a myriad of paper documentation, vanity I suspect, to re-register the car as a 1948.

I am also given to understand that:
1) the 1949 TC models sent to Canada, did not have the equipment changes found on an EXU. The EXU (Export-United States) being specifically designed to meet certain requirements for the US market, ie: bumpers/over riders, directional signal system (which was required in Canada and was dealer installed), seven inch headlamps, etc., and
2)The Canadian imports, for 1949, were equipped as all the previous years models.

The registration quirks I am sure of, the other is mainly hearsay which I cannot wholly substantiate.

Cheers for now; respectfully:
Jack Emdall, TD3191, New Westmister, British Columbia, Canada

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