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MG TD TF 1500 - BMC Paint

Interesting link on the Wolseley forum i'm a member of.... right click and 'save as' once you are there and you will have a copy....

The interesting thing is the paint mixing % ... might be a better match if the original mix numbers can't be used anymore?
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Amazing! If we could only bring back the pigments, we would know what colors the cars really were. George
George Butz

Does any one know where I can get the Tan color that was used for the dash and steering wheel on '53 tD's?

I was lucky finding that Wimbelton white was a perfect match for my Ivory car but could find nothing close to the tan color They couldn't even mix it perfectly.
cj schmit

Moss Europe do a spray can that they say matches the originalcolour. This may be available from Little British Car Co
Mick 52TD
Mick Cook

Chuck, can you please explain how Wimbledon white can be perfect for an ivory car? My TD is Old English White, but should have been Ivory. That would have gone better with the green of grill, seats and dash.
Raymond Wardenaer

for anyone who is interested I just finished a repaint of a TF which came out of the factory as the Ivory color. When disassembling the car we were fortunate to find a patch of the original paint under the voltage regulator when we removed it to paint the car. It was not faded at all and we were able to exactly match it in a modern urethane from PPG. I have the paint code for anyone who might be interested. In full Sun it is truly a pale ivory color . Very pretty!
mike Michel
l michel

Mike, my TF4887 is also Ivory but has a more 'yellow' tint than others I have seen. All the hard to get at areas are the same colour. I have it from the previous owner that it had never been altered. Oerhaps they had a batch of 'whatever' Ivory at the time.
Don in the Adelaide Hills Sth. Oz
D J Walker

Hi Michel
Colors have many names. They seldom mean anything. The same exact paint code is given different names by different companies and is exactly the same color. Likewise,the same name is used by different companies and the colors are very different.
When some guy at a car show told me that Wimbleton white was a perfect match for my Ivory car I doubted it until I saw the color on a new ford. I went to the store and found wimbleton white in a duplicolor spray can and compared it to a piece off of my car. It was perfect to my eye. I went home and sprayed it on my Ivory car and buffed it out and it was perfect. This doesn't mean it will match your car, but it's worth a try. My car was restored 20 years ago so there are lot's of variables...

cj schmit

The stories of paint mixing at the factory are limitless.... different batches added to old barrels....left over paint mixed together, etc, etc....
From the Ivory samples i've seen there is quite a bit of yellow in it...certainly yellower then Old English White.....

Hard to know.....this is under fluorescent light and is whiter when the flash is used.....
I would have it read by a computer, but every panel is faded a different amount.....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

the PPG # Concept 81271. If I could figure out how to take a pic and upload it I'd do it. I can take a real pic on film and send that if you'd like. thats much easier and the color will be more accurate. Send me an address and I'll do it I have a few frames left on the current role and this would be aperfect use for them
l michel


A chap I knew years ago claimed to have taken a pint of Devonshire Clotted cream in to a paint supplier and asked to have its colour matched for his TC's paint. Looked beautiful when finished.


John Crawley

I will get a chip with that mix on it...then compare it to the various panels on the TD.....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

For Ivory I used a PPG GM color called "Yellow Beige" (I know, sounds revolting) Anyway the paint code is DBU3769. The DBU is the older 80's version of the DBC paints. You can specify DBC3769, or ask your paint shop for the comparable mix in another brand/DCC or whatever. Please note that it is imperative with any light color to use the clearest clear possible. Cheaper is not better... if it yellows, the color will change.


Dave Braun

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