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MG TD TF 1500 - BMC Transporter

We used to have one of these that would come to the spring 'Ancaster' Flea market.... amazingly large vehicle


Interesting. Looks like a Detroit made station wagon rear end with an over size ambulance top. Disapointing that none of the period pieces are in the hull past the cabin. Would make a pretty cool trailer queen hauler I'd think. What do you suppose it would go for?

Maybe I'll POP in and take a look..

Take your check book and buy the 1930 MG. No reserve!
Take it home in the BMC mobile.

Wow! Thanks for the picture. I hope to build my own transporter based on my Commer camper. (see Image) The original paint scheme from BMC will be perfect for it.
See the next post for what I will haul in it.
Godspeed in Safety Fast . . .

John Crawley

And here is what will go in the transporter when it is finished.

John Crawley

I missed the boat on transporter....
Could have bought a 4 door Lincoln convertable for $2k when I was working on the TF.
We measured, the MG would have fit inside.
My buddy even had it figured out how to reinforce the trunk lid and rework it into a ramp.

OK ..I'll bite ..what is that John? Looks Fun!
David Sheward

I'm going to need a transporter to get the TD to Targa Newfoundland. Instead of an F350 Diesel, I thought that maybe this Daimler/El Camino might do the trick. What do you think - would an old 4.2 Jag engine pull a TD and trailer across the continent? A Daimler specialty guy in Atlanta built this from a DS420 limo and then put this up on eBay a few weeks ago - it only got bid to a little more than $5000, so it didn't sell. Maybe on the next round I'll go for this perfect hauler.


Dave Jorgensen


The monoposto is the

John Crawley

I believe the austin racer is actually an austin pathfinder pedal car, similar to the austin J40
DM Gibson

Neat little concept ...the monoped likes the monoposto ;-) !
Looks like a hoot to drive. Curious it street legal? Hard to tell from that pic ..but looks like you might have "bashed" some headlamps into her bonnet?
David Sheward

The Austin in the picture is a full size racer. See the attached image . . . it is believed to be either the same car or a sister.

My monoposto will never see the street but will be used for Solo II events and perhaps hill climbs. It has not yet fired so I do not know how it will drive but you are right is should be fun and that is why I built it just to have fun with, not to try and be competitive. When it is finished I hope to put together a list of British car events that include Gymkhanas and then try to make it to as many as I can.

Godspeed in Safety Fast

John Crawley

and here is a front shot as you can see there is no headlights . . .

John Crawley

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