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MG TD TF 1500 - body and chassis and engine finally meet


The tub sits on the chassis, and the air cleaner from the Judson clears the firewall. But I'm not sure - the chassis seems to be sitting pretty high. Maybe the tube shocks at the back are providing too much elevation, and maybe the tall tires and rims are just moving the chassis too high. Will 12 gallons of gas, a spare tire, and a pudgy driver will drop that back end a little? And a set of one-inch dropped MGB front spindles from Killer Beez Racing?

I dunno, I guess we should get the whole thing together and then start the second guessing - at least get the fenders and the hood on in order to get a little perspective. If Abingdon built about 50,000 cars in three years, then by my counting on my fingers, that's about one every twelve minutes. What do you think - can I be finished by midnight tonight?

...but it looks too tall!

Dave Jorgensen

Things look about right to me. Visually I can picture the shape and flow of the rear fender over the tub side and see the space between the tire and the fender lip. Looks fine. As well, the front fender (sorry, I meant to say wing) swoop to the running board should be fine as well. I have to admit, without the fenders attached, it sure does look like everything is sitting on the high side, but I think you'll find the addition of the missing fenders will make the car height look perfect.
Gene Burgess

With more on than you have, look how high up mine is in the back in the attached photo. The weight of everything pushes it down bit by bit, ended up just right. Don't know about midnight tonight- maybe in your dreams? Maybe in a couple months with some help! George

George Butz

Another perspective.


Dave, I see that the rear springs still have some arch like this photo. Mine are almost flat with everything in place.




What paint and colour have you used? I am going green and yours looks about the same colour I was thinking of using.


Stuart Duncan

Hi Dave, I recall when I was at your stage in assembly, that I had the same feeling and started to think of how to lower the whole car. After a while, I started to think of all the items that still had to be installed and concluded that it would settle down once everthing was in place. It did and the car height came out where it should. The larger tires will have some effect. It gets pretty exciting when you see the car starting to take shape. Thanks for the update.
George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham

Thanks all, for your pictures and help - at least I won't spend the midnight hours searching for another pair of decambered leaf springs and an even lower set of front springs.

Stuart, the British Racing Green I'm using is as close a match as I could get to the original BRG on a Series 1 E-Jag. I'll get the paint codes for you in the morning. The black on the top of the hood, scuttle, gas tank, and fenders is a black from late-eighties Chev Series 10 half-ton trucks. I've also got the paint codes for that.

thanks again,
Dave Jorgensen

Think it was 30,000 TD's... you should be done by 4:00 am
gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667

Stuart, it is PPG 902503, 2004 Land Rover (or Range Rover) Belize Green. I think it is close to the original Woodland Green. George
George Butz

Dave, from experience, the Judson filter just clears the front of the car. Mine had maybe 1/2 inch or so. Hope you rebuilt the entire engine with a strong head gasket, mine was solid copper after having blown the Moss gasket with only 6 miles on it. You will love the Judson it really gives the car a kick especially in the passing lane and climbing up hills.
TRM Maine

I hope Dave Jorgnsen doesn't mind, but I'm adding a second picture that he sent me, to this thread.

It appears as though Dave is in the process of creating what one might consider as the ultimate TD road car (as against, a racer) ...

Supercharged XPEG engine, beautiful exhaust header, 4.3 cwp, 5-speed, pertronix, etc., etc. So TRM, as you have pointed out, I doubt he'll have any problems " ... in the passing lane and climbing up hills."

To top it all off, it looks like he's doing everything right. Perhaps Dave, you'll post the moment of start-up on U-Tube!

Keep plugging. Its getting near midnight!

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu

Gordon A. Clark

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