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MG TD TF 1500 - Body Paint Color

I am repainting my 1954 mgtf. I would like to find a modern paint color that is close to the original color of Autumn Red, the darker of the two red colors available for the car. Can anyone help me find such a paint? I have been looking through colors for numerous cars, both European and American, and it is very difficult to figure out how close the colors are in matching the original.
LD Kanaster

See for original Autumn Red manufacturer names. Bud
Bud Krueger

Good day Mr. Kanaster:

Regarding the Autumn Red M.G. paint colour:

I have the following:
ICI : # 2752
Ditzler: # 50930
Rinshed-Mason: # BM 108 R

If that is of any help to you.

Jack Emdall, TC6768/TD3191, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Does anyone on this list have Om experience with colour match scanners when purchasing Paint to match the cars original one?


Jan Kristoffersen

Really funny and confusing. I want to paint my car Autumn Red also, but find variations in the color charts by different manufactures of the paint. Some looks more like Burgundy, while others look more Red. When it's time, I'm going to have a computer match done and if I like the shade, we'll take it from there. PJ
P Jennings

I'm not familiar with the threads so I want to reactivate so I can see the picture that was attached
J.J. Cook


When buying Clipper Blue to touch-up my TD the paint supplier scanned a tank end panel but had to have the car for final color matching. Seemed happy to put in an extra hour for a perfect result. The same supplier got a 1994 color match perfect the first time working from a gas filler door. I think most auto paint suppliers are anxious to do a proper job if you explain the importance you place on the color.


Jim H.
J. M. Haskins

Not sure if this will help, it is a pic of a car I examined a while back with original factory red paint.


Matthew Magilton


Is the dash of that car painted in a biscuit color or is it fabric/leather covered and, is it original?

J E Carroll

Jim, the dash is painted to match the upholstery (normal factory practice) and is also in its original paint. Biscuit was less much common than green or red.
I have attached a pic of a black English 1500 mostly original.


Matthew Magilton


Thanks, I've been under the impression that the dash should be the body color. My dash has been covered in the same material as the interior. None of the pictures I've seen have covered dashes and yours are the first I've seen of a biscuit interior that has the dash painted biscuit!

Admittedly I'm quite new at this and have seen few actual cars up close.

I hope I can find a paint number for the biscuit.

J E Carroll

Original TFs,dash was interior colour,not body colour.

Rob Grantham

Rob Grantham

J E Carroll

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