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MG TD TF 1500 - Books, TD

I have just owned my first TD for about 7 months and was wondering which books/pictures to acquire (and where to buy them) to find the inner and outer correct details of the TD? Thanks in advance.
Have a great motoring Summer in your "T" series cars.
Cheers, Barry
C B Ryley

Good day Barry, etal:

I have a copy of the "MG midget Series TD Part # AKD 580 and Series TD & TF Part # AKD 580A". Both are Nuffield Limited Exports publications which can be seen, periodically at auction, on eBay ( Type in MG TD in the top left field.

A second publication that appears, now and then, is the: "Service Manual" MG Series "TD" , 1952 book, published by Scientific Magazines Publishing Co. Pty. Limited, Rockdale, N.S.W., Australia. This is a sanctioned version, by the Nuffield Organization, of the above # AKD 580 manual.

There is a "Driver's Handbook The MG Midget Series TD AKD 618", which is the basic publication and would have come with each new car, I believe.

Moss sells a reproduction booklet called "TD Owner's Manual" Part # 210-600.

That's all I have, other than a Factory Parts List # AKD 834, which has no technical advice just part numbers and descriptions.

Hope this helps; cheers for now then; respectfully:
Jack Emdall, TD3191, New Westminster, B.C.

You will find several books at Moss. Also, just go to Amazon and search for MG TD.
Raymond Wardenaer

The NEMGTR's "T-series Handbook" is crucial- it coherently lists all of the production changes and points of originality. The Moss and Abingdon Spares catalogs are also valuable. You really need the paper version of Abingdon, as some of the online things are vague. The folks on this web site are some of the most knowledgeable anywhere in the world as well. Check out Chris Couper's "Original TD Midget" section. Also, the NEMGTR's CD with all of the "Sacred Octagon" magazine issues has a wealth of searchable information. George
George Butz

Like George said ...definitly check out Chris Couper's site! Here is a link to it:
Chris has a "Literature" tab on the site that gives you a review on everything out there.
Warrning: plan on spending several hours/days on
"Original TD Midget" ...time well spent.
David Sheward

I'm surprised no one has mentioned "The Complete MG TD Restoration Manual" by Horst Schach.
Gene Gillam

For originality issues you may want to obtain a copy of "The restorer's Guide to mMG TA, TB, TC, TD and TF" by Anders Ditlev Clausager. Not perfect, but doesn't miss by much. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

A "BIG THANKS" to everybody who said which books and catalogs to obtain. One serious problem I have realized is that I am bothered quite a bit with the mildew, mustiness etc. on some of the older books that I have won on e-bay, to the point that I have to treat them for a long period of time before I can read them. I have learned a lot of information though. Still learning about the finer details of the TD.
Cheers, Barry
C B Ryley

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