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MG TD TF 1500 - Boot for clutch rod to pedal box?

Hi All,

While cleaning out the pedal box, I was thinking that there should be a boot or seal where the clutch linkage comes in, since that faces to the front.

After removing lots of grease, rocks & gravel, oil, etc. from the pedal box, I noticed two captive nuts on two sides of the clutch rod opening. So it appears that there is supposed to be some kind of clamp & seal/boot arrangement there.

Moss doesn't have any drawings or parts. Does anyone have a picture of how this works? Maybe I can create a plate out of thin aluminum which holds some kind of boot that might fit...

Scott Linn

Scott, those bolt holes were used when the clutch was operated by a cable refore it was replaced with a rod. The end of the cable assembly was bolted to the front of the pedal box. The factory never devised a seal for the holed. If you design a fix, many TD and TF owners would appeciate knowing how you did it.
Good luck from all of us.
Jim Merz

Wow, thanks for the quick reply.

That's interesting that they would bother to put a seal on the side cover, but leave the front open to the elements. That clutch rod hole isn't exactly small.

My TD has ~35,000 indicated on the odometer (probably correct), but the bottom of the pedal box was filled with fine gravel/sand mixed with oil & grease. It's a bit shocking to me that they would leave the pedal bushings/linkages open to the elements like that, but oh well. I guess the other end of the clutch linkage is also open to the world, but at least there isn't a box to collect the gravel/junk in!

I've got some old bellows type of boots that might just fit, and I think some sheet aluminum can be made into a cover plate to hold the seal. I'll have to think about that.

Scott Linn

I used, if I remember correctly, a brake master cylinder boot. I put two screws into the captive nuts and wrapped a piece of wire around them and the boot to hold it in place. Still there after five years running. Marvin
Marvin Stuart

This thread was discussed on 09/05/2009

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