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MG TD TF 1500 - Boynton Beach, FL Auction

Was watching Fox News (yes, I'm one of those) this morning and saw this 1954 mgtf was to be auctioned in Boynton Beach.

The color on TV was much nicer than the photos.
Gene Gillam

A few odd things there. Looks like it has 1 1/4' carbs, chrome fuel tank ends, chromed fuel tank straps, same with the valve cover, no studs on the tub for the tonneau, wrinkle black engine compartment, black piping. We could all nit pick it to death. Doesn't seem like a good representation for a museum. I'd be interested in what it goes for.
L E D LaVerne

Check back Saturday...that's when it goes under the hammer.
Gene Gillam

$38000.00 ....hmmm what ya suppose I could get fer the green hornet if I said it came from LaVerne's Museum of Modern Fart?

People are nuts. I've seen a lot nicer examples sit on Feebay for much, much less. Really has a lot of "unacceptable" for me to consider it museum quality. Chrome fuel tank ends, chrome fuel tank straps, chrome valve cover, crinkle black under the bonnet, chrome finish on the grille shell is bad..looks like sand marks. 1 1/4" carbs from a TD, license plate lamp is from something else, tach is not connected to the generator, dash center is the wrong color and missing the chrome bezel. Snap on drivers door , for tonneou ? (shouldn't be there) but none on passenger side. Door hinges should be painted. Lots of details are wrong..ok for a driver but not for that kind of money in my book.
L E D LaVerne

Thanks for looking that up, LaVerne.

By the way, are you going to GOF West in Carefree, AZ next October? Ann and I are registered.
Gene Gillam

Maybe...too many other things on the plate too think that far ahead... How about St Louis? you going?
L E D LaVerne

LaVerne, big group from MN going to St. Louis, We have it in MN the next year. I will most likely not be at St. Louis, 50th Class reunion just after and of course that is one I cant miss since I am on the committee..
TOM Maine

I've said this before, but we should be cheering that it went that high....This gives folks like me, hope, that when I get ready to sell "Rocky", I can get most of my money back....
Very few of us expect these cars to be an investment, they are a hobby...
If you haven't noticed, many of the so-called "restomods", have outsold their original counterparts, in the big auctions....
Edward Wesson 52TD

Found out in Gatlinburg back in 06, that the general public goes for glitter and not originality. A distinguished gentleman and his wife, who worked at Abington, told us that our 72 MGB was the most correct and beautiful one at the show. It didn't even place! One next to ours with the wrong wheels, non original color, homemade wooden tool box in the trunk and numerous glitter items won first in class! That told me a few things. PJ
Paul sr

Not sure about St. Louis. If Dan hadn't introduced us to Missouri temperatures in July last year we may have thought a bit more about it!
Gene Gillam

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