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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake Advice Needed Again

Feel a bit embarrassed Bud Krueger just left five minutes ago and could have asked him, but didn't. Putting back together rear brake shoes doesn't look quite right looking for advice. #1 brake cylinders on rear brakes are on the forward side of backing plate. #2 Top rake shoe was flat end against top (non moving) of rake cylinder, with hooked end on fixed mount to rear of car #3 bottom shoe has hooked end riding on brake adjuster on bottom cylinder. Question set up doesn't seem centered on braking plate.#4 Have heavier of two springs attached on front( leading ends of rake shoes attached through holes and placed behind shoes and smaller spring on fixed end on front of brake shoes. To save time ( picture worth thousand words please see attached photo) Does anyone see any problems, the non centering on backing plate has me concerned, or will shoes shift and center with drum.
FYI this right(driver rear)

Jon Levine

Both springs ahould be 'behind' the shoes?

Looks fine except springs on back as Gordon says. Does your car have holes (or tabs) in the back plate for the curly mid-shoe retainer springs? I seem to remember some of the early TD's didn't have them. George
George Butz

No George, there aren't any holes and the chassis & running gear on my #4034 seem to be original including the two piece brake drums
Jon Levine

Two piece brake drums?

Two piece was the term Bud K used. There is the outer drum and the center is a seperate piece held onto the outer drum by 5 large flat head screws.See images

Jon Levine

2nd image

Jon Levine

Shoes should adjust to drum. Set your shoe adjuster to the lowest, put the drum on, turn it until the hole is over the aduster and tighten it until the rim will not turn, then back it off so it is turning lightly free.


You're doing fine, Jon. See the image on page M.10 of the Workshop Manual for the orientation of the shoes and the springs (behind the shoes). Just remember that the image is showing the left side. Your backing plates are too early to have the anti-rattle springs in them.
Bud Krueger

One more note, the springs should be in the end holes. One of the hooks of the big spring needs to be moved. The small spring has already been noted as being on the wrong side of the shoe. Otherwise it looks fine!
Steve Simmons

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