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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake Bleeding Problem Area

Just finished the brake and wheel bearing rebuild of the53 (front and rear). This included new brake lines and a new master cylinder. About ready to put in some fluid and do some bleeding. Dug out my syringe and got into squirting fluid into the wheel cylinders when I suddenly came to a screeching halt. Look at the attached image and see that pretty new piece of brake line, about 10" long, that connects the rear wheel cylinder banjo to the front wheel cylinder banjo. It comes AFTER the bleeder!! Unless somebody has a way that I can't picture, the only way to bleed the air out of that piece of pipe is to loosen the front banjo bolt and make a mess. Yeccchh! Any ideas. Tnx. Bud
(PS, please ignore the crud, I haven't begun work on the suspension system yet.)

Bud Krueger


The correct orientation of the pipe and bleeder is as shown in the attached picture.


Larry Shoer

You've been working too hard. Stop. Get a good nights sleep, then switch the brass assemblies held in by the banjo bolts so the bleeders are on the front, not the back. Look at the workshop manual or a parts catalog for a diagram.
D. Sander

Yep...Just turn them around.
Mort 1950 TD Möbius

Make sure you don't switch the backing plates, then the banjo bolts won't fit.
D. Sander

See attached pics for both sides looking to front of car (Larry's pic front view). 'Feed' line rubber hose goes to rear cylinder first, then steel line goes to front cylinder banjo with the bleeder nipple. Workshop manual Fig. M9 or better is Schach's book page 59.

Bud P.

Bud Precht

Shoulda' figured something was amiss. Was so busy making sure that I had the wheel cylinders facing the right way that the banjo swap slipped right by me. Guess what tomorrow's first project will be. Thanks guys. Bud
Bud Krueger

Bud, Here's mine. I used the original shop manual for orientation. PJ

Oh yeah, the tie rod ends are from Moss. No grease fittings and their longer. To be changed.

P Jennings

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