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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake Cylinder ?? TF

I am putting the rear brakes back together and thought I took enough pictures that I would never have a brake question.....well I do.

There is no obvious method (to me) for the brake cylinder to mechanically attach to the backing plate. Do they just float around in the cut-out? I am using aftermarket pieces if that makes a difference.

Thanks, Dan

54 TF 7946
Dan Nordstrom

Yes, Dan, the rear brake cylinder slides up and down in the slot on the backing plate. Bud
Bud Krueger

Thank you Bud.

Another related ?? if I may.

My backing plates (rear only) have the attachment brackets for the anti rattle spring but none where there when I disassembled the brakes. Is it critical that these springs be installed. Looking at Moss's cat. and chatting with them briefly it appears these are and have been a problem for sometime.

Dan Nordstrom

Hi Dan

They are an anti rattle spring and not central to brake operation. From my experience many brake drum systems gave them.

I have them installed on my rolling chasis as I don't want the rattle.
You can see Pics at

Chris Cullin

Great blog Chris!

M Magilton

I posted almost the same query about two weeks ago and got some excellent advice on how to fit the anti rattle springs properly. You must poke them through the square hole in the back plate tab so that the long part of the "J" hook goes centrally through the hole. If you assemble them with the tail of the "J" going through the hole the shoes will be pulled to one side and will bind on the drums. It's not easy to see the spring hooks when assembling everything. If you need new rubber boots for the rear of the cylinders try Morris Minor supplier. Mine were under half of the price of those from a MG dealer.

Jan T
J Targosz

Thank you all for your comments.

I would prefer to use them, but in Moss's cat. info block it states the ones they have do not work. A phone call to the sales counter produced little.
Does anyone have four they would like to part with?

Thanks, Dan
Dan Nordstrom

Dan - e-mail me at regarding the anti-rattle springs.
D W DuBois

Matthew - thanks. Easier to take photos than write :).

Dan. The moss ones do work it's just that the J hook is a little long and needs cutting off with a par of pliers or cutters. I used pliers and was straight forward. If the hook is too long it hits the back plate before hooking in - so you cannot get it wrong. Instructions also ce with the springs from Moss.

I also see them for sale on eBay - not sure of source.

Hope this helps.
Chris Cullin

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