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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake Cylinder Wear

Can anyone tell me how to determine the acceptable level of wear in a brake cylinder?
I have scoring caused by the weight rubbing the cylinder bore, but is this wear a problem as the cylinder doesn't leak? I will change the rubber cups on re-assembly.
Mike Christie

Mike, if I were you, since you have it all apart and determined it is worn, I would either replace the cylinder or have it sleeved. That would be preferable to finding out later that it does leak and have to do the job all over again. Been there, done that.
Jim Merz

I had all my wheel cyl's and master cyl sleeved in stainless when I redid my brake system. I also converted to dot 5 and it all works great. I'd vote for sleeving as you will never have a problem with a stainless sleeve I'd suspect.
l rutt

Depending on the depth of the scoring, you might be able to 'hone' the cylinders smooth? Had mine done (and they were seized beyond belief)... the mechanic said he used a couple honing tools to do the 6 ....!

Thanks for all the advice. Sleeving seems to be a step too far in the UK - 'cause no one knows where it can be done! So I guess I'll replace the cylinders.
Mike Christie

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