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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake drum

I replaced the rear wheel cylinder on my 54. For some reason the brake keeps locking up as I put the brake drum on. Conveying off the drum, and it seems to spend nice and easily, but as I put the bolts down for some reason it is walking up to the point that you can't even turn the adjusting screw. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong? Is it possible that I did not get the brake cylinder to sit properly
TRH Hammond

Could be that one of the shoes isn't seated properly ?

Steve Wincze

Thanks Steve, I think I will take the shoes off and make sure the cylinder is seated properly, then the shoes. As I read what I put last night, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It should state that as I bolt down the drum, the wheel then starts to tighten up as the brakes are on. I'm unable to turn the adjustmentt screw it sits so tightly. The wheel does turn nice and easily until you started tightening down the bolts.
TRH Hammond

Could it be that you might have placed the wheel cylinder in the wrong direction? I have done that forgetting which side I was on at the time.
M Grogan

Some of the repro rear cylinders used to require a bit of filing to get them to fit in the backing plate slot. Make sure it is in all the way and free to slide up and down. Are the shoes new?
George Butz

George, thanks for the idea regarding the cylinders. I will make sure that it freely moves up and down. No the shoes are not new.
TRH Hammond

Filed down as suggested, it slides nice and smoothly. The Break is back together without issues.
TRH Hammond

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