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MG TD TF 1500 - brake fluid ??

Good day Gentleman, My driver TD was perfectly restored 8 years a go. Now the two front brakes froze up, Want to replace the front brake cylinders. But what type of brake fluid was used those 8 years a go ?? I have both in stock : dot 3 and dot 5. I know you cannot mix them. Is there a fast way to determine what's in the there quickly ? I know that dot 3 eats paint after a while . But that's all . Thanks for your time

Gerard Hengeveld

Just learned this Saturday at Glenn Lenhard's tech session at GOF South: put some water in a cup, put a couple drops of fluid in. The Dot 3 will dissolve, the 5 will ball up or form an oily film. Bet that it is 3, as cylinders rarely freeze with the 5. George
George Butz

Thanks George,

Gerard Hengeveld

DOT 5 is purple, but if mixed with DOT 3, the DOT 3 will absorb the purple and the DOT 5 becomes clear. Fun fact!
Dave Braun

But... the purple color can disappear on its own over time. So don't rely solely on that to determine the fluid type.
Steve S

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