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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake fluid (again)

Have just finished a brake job on my '53 TD----master cylinder sleeved and rebuilt by Apple---wheel cylinders rebuilt with Moss kits-new hoses and rear brake lines----am half way through the bleeding process (of the brakes) and no more LMA fluid available here in Vermont------would prefer not to have to send for it---what should I use? help!!!

Castrol LMA <IS> DOT4. When it was first introduced, I was told by the long time Castrol distributor that this fluid was made to "meet and exceed" DOT3 as required by the standard, but it exceeded it by so much that Castrol got DOT to create an improved standard, which came to be DOT4. The difference is mostly to do with moisture absorption - LMA = "Low Moisture Absorption". It still meets & exceeds DOT3 and DOT4 and can be mixed with any of those, though I do not recommend it. Some DOT3 is crap, made to a price; I have not used any other DOT4. DOT4 is certainly preferable, and you can think of DOT4 as premium grade DOT3. If you have to use DOT3, just change it within a year.

FR Millmore

Why are you not using silicone fluid?
D. Sander

Agree with D.Sander...Since you have replaced all the vulnerable parts, Dot 5 would be the way to go, and you will never have to change it....
Unfortunately, you can't mix it with the other (3/4), so if that is the old fluid ,and it is in the system, you would have to completely flush the system with Dot 5...very expensive!
E.B. Wesson

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