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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake fluid question/ not MG is a question... The new servo arrived (not bad...sent out Monday UK time and arrived only 2 days later then normal) went via France and the US before arriving up here.

Anyway...the question: The p/o changed over to silicon brake fluid...a sticker on the side of the servo mentions the warranty will be void if silicon fluid is used. We can blow and flush out the system, but am wondering what the rubber in the brake cylinders/master cylinder will do after old style fluid is used? Wondered if it will be a problem, or if the problem happens the other way around...adding silicon to old fluid soaked rubbers... Would hate to have all my rubbers turn to mush...????

Any thoughts?

Not sure what the issue would be with the servo Gordon. Shouldn't be any fluid in it. I would think you should be ok converting to a different fluid from silicone but not vise versa but I think an expert should address this issue.
LaVerne Downey

Seems I shouldn't have a problem with a good flush... here is hoping.

One chap on the Wols board sent me a really good link... I use silicon in the TD (and until now the Wols)...and will leave it in the MG...however, here is a very extensive and good 'read'....very interesting and balanced:

Thanks Gordon....Very interesting read.
I was cosidering switch over to silicon in the TF.
Reading this is giving me some second thoughts on doing so.
David Sheward

As there is no servo in our cars, the silicon works great...does require (imho) renewing all the rubber and flushing or replacing all the hoses....As I did just that when I got the car on the road, i thought it only right to do it then...My mechanic hates the stuff (don't know why), so always mentions it when I'm in (and he was beside himself when he read me the 'Void if Silicon Used' sticker on the side of the unit).
Interesting the 'burning silicon' bit in that article...exactly what i found on my #6 plug every 100 miles....(don't like that thought of 'sand' however).

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