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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake Light Question

Hi Gang;

Have a question. I was out for a run tonight and noted that the third brake light (visible in rear view mirror) was acting funny although the brakes seem fine. The light would come on when the brakes were activated, go out when I took my foot off the pedal and then randomly come on and off without using the brakes. When I got home I had my wife check the lights and all three brake lights operated simultaneously (the third light is wired separately from the original lights)leading me to believe that it is a brake system rather than a electrical problem. While fooling around with the brakes I noted that when I set the parking brake the lights stayed off but illuminated when the parking brake was released, all without touching the brake pedal. This would suggest that the system is being back pressured from operation of the rear brakes? Sounds strange to me.

Any suggestions?

Thanks as always
Dick 20102
Safety Fast
Richard McCutcheon

We would need to know if the brake light is mechanically or hydraulically actuated, and what is the electrical schematic.
MW Davis

It sounds like you may have some residual pressure in the brake system - something that is not allowing all the brake fluid from relieving pressure back into the master cylinder. Perhaps the relief hole into the fluid reservoir is not being completely uncovered when the brake pedal is released. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

I had exactly the same problem. I had to adjust the plunger a small amount to allow the pressure to bleed back when the brake pedal was released. The brake shoes were dragging as well. I bet a small tweak will solve your issue.
A. R. Todd

This thread was discussed on 08/08/2012

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