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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake line routing help needed.

Hi All! I have completed the rolling chassis for my TD, and I noticed that the front brake line from the master cylinder to the front junction runs under the frame then comes up at the front. I did not replace the lines but a PO did. It looks to me that the line should have run in the space between the pedal box and the frame. Can anyone out there tell me the proper routing of this line? As it sits I don't think what I have is right.

C.R. Tyrell

I think you are indeed correct, based on how I did mine and the advice I got here at that time. Others will advise shortly I'm sure...
efh Haskell

Have you tried Dave Braun's excellent site:
Mort 1950 TD1851 Mobius

I can't open Dave B's site. I have looked there before for other help. Elf, good to hear I'm on the right track.
C.R. Tyrell

Have you tried just typing in
Mort 1950 TD1851 Mobius

I would have to go out to the garage, and confirm it, but
I'm 90% that the line comes off the m/c to the rear, comes up to the frame 3-outlet "T". The "T" runs parallel to the frame, and the line runs to the front,(parallel to the frame) through the little "box" and then to the front.
I don't know if you can see it in this image, but I think you get the idea if you look closely.

E.B. Wesson

C.R., you're right about the routing. If no one's done it before then I can get images of the run tomorrow morning. I have a setup like Edward's in the garage. Bud
Bud Krueger

Okay, C.R., fresh out of the 34F garage. The first one shows the line from the middle 4-way going over the crossbar and behind the flange adjacent to the master cylinder. From there it disappears behind the pedal box. This line has to be inserted from the front of the pedal box area due to the bends in the line. The next image will show the line after it comes out of the pedal box area:

Bud Krueger

Here's a shooting-from-the-hip image of the line coming through the pedal box area. The line, as supplied, needs to be looped somewhat to take up the slack. From here the line is just bent around to mate up with the front 3-way connector.

Bud Krueger

As I said, it's just a matter of bending it around to mate up with the 3-way. The usual warnings about avoiding sharp bends and potential rubbings apply. Let me know if you need more images. I can't very well jack the front end up right now. I've got the rear springs down in the basement. Bud (a/k/a C.R. Krueger)

Bud Krueger

Thanks for the pics Bud. I did get on Dave B's site as well. So today I took the line out and re-routed it. Went easier than i thought. Line now fits in all the clips and has good clearance everywhere. Much easier than the way the PO did it, and now it is protected.

Thanks for all the help guys!
C.R. Tyrell

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