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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake Master Cylinder

I am finding in necessary to replace my brake master cylinder. Moss lists two options one a delphi-lockheed, the other an after market. The price difference is significant. The opinions of those who have used either would be appreciated.
J Fleshman

Depending on the problem with your master cylinder, you may wish to send yours to White Post Restorations and have them bore it out and resleeve it.

They do good work.

J. W. Delk

I second the White Post suggestion. I sent them mine on a Thursday afternoon and it was back in my mailbox the following Monday. Quality was top-notch. I don't know what the Moss price is, but I'm sure WP would be competitive, if not cheaper....
Rob Edwards

There are two main types of problems with master cylinders: scored cylinder or perished rubber.

If the cylinder of your mc is not scored it is easy to rebuild it and save yourself some real money.

Mark A. Sherman

My vote is for a NEW master cylinder, aftermarket. Unless you have a show car, you do not need the Lockheed. I have been very happy with the brake parts that Moss provides. This way, every component is new and you don't have to do any rebuilding.

TF 5248

Tom Norby

How long have your new parts been in service?
David Sheward

Master cylinder since 2002. Wheel cylinders vary, as I did not replace them all at once. Never a problem with any. I am completely in favor of rebuilding, recycling and reusing whenever possible. I want brake parts, however, to be new and fully reliable.

Tom Norby

Original MC since '53, honed clean in '03, same with wheel cylinders...!
New vs original always a question, since repros can be less then high quality?

I ended up rebuilding my brake cylinders myself using the standard repair kit and light honing. I'm not expecting long life; I just didn't have the funds for full rebuilds.

My thought was that when I need to revisit the issue, I would either send mine out to White Post or buy some cheap on ebay and send them out (if mine were too worn for repair). From what I've read, both the delphi.lockheed and the aftermarket cylinders have the same issue: the cylinder sleeve is made of material that will pit and corrode. White Post solves this with non-corroding cylinder sleeve inserts, and guarantee them for life.

So if you want better than new delphi, send your old cylinder to WP for rebuilding. If you want to save money, I'd go aftermarket and plan on WP in a few years. And if you want to save even more, short-term, don't overlook just lightly honing your cylinder and seeing how far a rebuild kit will get you.
Geoff Baker

This is the reason I asked how long they have been on "repros can be less then high quality" .
I need to get mine done but still weighing if I should have rebuilt or go with new. Repro parts scare me ...haven't been very happy with most I have seen!
This will be project # 2 for new garage ....(# 1 is AC plug for the fridge/Beer! )
David Sheward

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