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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake MC and WC rebuild by White Post

I checked the archives but was not successful there so I decided to ask, has anyone here ever used White Post Restorations for a MC and/or WC rebuild and if so, what was your experience?

Thanks - Dennis
D L Rainey

I used Mark Frapier to do my MC and all 6 WC's sleaved in stainless. He's another option. Unfortunately I can't find his addy or phone number now, but a search in the archives would likely turn it up. I know he was very reasonable on cost.
l rutt

Mark Frappier
82 Mountainview Street
Agawam, MA 01001
800 528 5235
David Sheward

I have had Billy at White Post rebuild several items for me in the past. He does very good work and will stand behind it . In the earily 90's he rebuilt my MGB calipers when they leaked 12 years later he did them again for free. I had him rebuild the brake and clutch master cylinders for my MGC 6 years ago and they have been fine . If my TD ever needs to have any brake cylinders redone I would gladly have him do the work.
Tony Shoviak

WP did full rebuild on my master 3 years ago- beautiful, with a new brass piston and an industrial-looking dust boot that will keep our Florida sand out. They sleeved front wheel cyls likely 12 years ago- three still on the car in use. The price of new wheel cylinders has come way down, $40-50 each now (Moss), so I'm not sure rebuilding the way to go with them. WP also did a local TC master and wheel cylinders- nice job on those too. George
George Butz

Check also with

Most people trust them with their shock absorbers and I believe I heard that they also did master cylinders and wheel cylinders. If not, file the address away until you get to your shock absorbers.

You can also check at your local machine shop...they can do it too and probably at a considerable savings compared to White Post.
Gene Gillam

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