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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake question

Just another of those questions that this group is good at.

The brakes on my TD are very nice. Car stops straight ahead. Can even let go of the steering wheel without any pull.

Only issue I have is if I have to apply the breaks a little hard, the front wheels lock and I get a lot of looks for the squeeling tires. This is not an emergency stop, just those times when you have to stop a little quicker.

I have backed off on the adjusters on the front and it does not appear to make a difference. All 4 brakes are working. Travel appears to be good. Springs are all the same length, but I have not checked the pull strength of each spring.

Bruce, When you apply the brakes, a lot of weight shifts forward onto the front suspension. If your tires have too low air pressure, they will complain. I carry 24/25 lbs. in the front and under normal stopping, I get no squeal. Under very hard breaking they will complain. Depending on the tire, you may have to play a bit with the pressures, but it sounds like that may be the problem.
George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham

Bruce, you could try filing a chamfer on the leading edge of each brake lining at the front. Alternatively, are you sure that the rear brakes are doing their job properly? Regards, Richard.
R Payne


Two good suggestioins from George and Richard. Did you check your rear brake shoes as well for oil contamination (bad seal)? Nice to eliminate that as well. The alternative is to simply wave at people when they look...

Dave Braun

All 4 should skid about the same time. Something not right in the rear- collapsed hose, oil or fluid on the linings, shoes nstalled upside-down (recent thread w/pictures on this I think), etc. George
George Butz

Since the brakes appear to be working well, with the exception of the occasional squeal when I stop fast. I have put this on my winter to-do list. I checked that all brakes were working by jacking up the front and the rear. Inspection did not show any oil or fluids on the inside of the rim. Brakes stop each wheel and all appear to be working. Now the brakes were last rebuilt 10+ years ago, so probably appropriate to pull everything this winter.

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