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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake servo in TF

Has anyone any experience in fitting a brake servo to a TF?

I know it has been done. The most important thing is that it needs to be small!
Keith Doherty

Keith check the archives. I have one in my TD. For some info see Bud
Bud Krueger

Yes. There was an MGB servo fitted to my TF when I bought it. I didn't know it was there at the time. I found that the brake pedal was very sensitive and the brakes would suddenly lock up with very little pressure. You had to be very careful. I found it difficult to drive. I took it off and it was much easier to handle.

A R Jones

I know of two or three Australians who have done it; I personally feel the stock brakes work just fine when properly set up.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

In 1972 I fitted an MGA twin bore master cylinder to my TF, to work a hydraulic clutch (I'd fitted a Cortina GT motor and gearbox - now replaced). Because the MGA has a smaller cylinder bore, you effectively get brake boost. Only issue is, you have to keep the shoes adjusted up close.

Maybe think of relining your cylinder to a smaller bore??

D A Provan

Do you want to add a servo because you having a problem with your brakes?

Steve Wincze

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