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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake shoe adhesive failure!

Not far from home in the TD ... slowing for an intersection ... a loudish "CLUNK" comes from the rear hub. Limp home with brake drum getting warm. Remove the drum and ... SUPRISE! both shoe linings fall to the floor.
Not sure how old they are or from whom (replaced by late father-in-law less than 10 years ago).

Any recommendations for new shoes in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne? I need to replace rear cylinders too as they are slightly pitted.

Anyone else have adhesive failure stories?


M Magilton

Hi Matt.,

Hmmm.....unusual for the bond to let go in general road
use. Looks to me as though there has been a fair deal
of moisture at some stage that perhaps got between the brake lining and shoe.

When and if you have the brake cylinder(s)bored and lined,ensure that the machinist uses a Loctite sealant
between the sleeve and cylinder when pressing them in.
A few years ago I had to have redone (straight away after I had refitted up to the car) the sleeved wheel cylinder on my late Father's 1932 Wolseley Hornet Sanction 51. It leaked as they had not used any sealant! I was not amused,however on the second sleeve everything was again leak free.

I seem to remember pulling a large amount of NOS brass brake lining rivets out of country Victoria to match the exact
riveting on the rest of the car.They will never let the lining go!!

Rob Grantham

Thanks Rob. Yes, some slight rust has been showing up but not sure if that is the cause or the symptom.

M Magilton

WOW!! I have never seen or heard of that happening,,,,
I only wish we knew who made them,,, Moss presently is selling NEW shoes complete! No core replacement,, I've got only about 3,000 miles on mine without any problem,,

I can only imagine what would happen if they let go at speed!!!

Steve Wincze


Try BGT brake and clutch at 10 Webster st Dandenong
Phone No 9792 0642.
Cheers. Ralph.
R E J Stewart

Matthew. Contact Derry Robertson of BGT Brake & Clutch Services at 10 Webster St Dandenong. Ph. 9794 6787. They did the TF drums & shoes for me many years ago and I have had no issues.
Col Taylor

Thank you Col and Ralph.

M Magilton

You have a TD ?
MG LaVerne

He does LaVerne, as well as his pretty TF. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Can't say that I ever remember him mentioning it before. Cool.
MG LaVerne

A word of caution,, I had my shoes relined locally, but the lining that was used was too hard,,,braking ablity was severly deminished,,,make sure you spec out that you don't have powwer brakes...


Steve Wincze

Here is a pic of my wife's TD on the Rob Roy start line before her familiarisation run up the hill in the recent National Meeting.


M Magilton

I've been seeing more and more of this issue, not only with MG's but with other makes as well. I think the manufacturers are just getting cheaper with their adhesives... I'd never seen issues with bonded linings until the past 5 years or so.

Here's a photo of the brakes on my TD that I restored last summer... all 4 wheels on this car were seized, BTW.


Photo #2, same car:


There is a reason bonded shoes are banned from vintage racing, they fail. I've seen this many times. Yes, they are cheaper, but...
D. Sander

happened on my TD as well. i replaced them last winter. one shoe on both front wheels was free. Not sure how long they had been on there though. Only reason i pulled them was the left front wheel kept getting hot. So then i pulled all the wheels. backs were fine.
TLW Wright

David, can you point to some rules on this? My vintage racing club doesn't address this and I'd like to see how other clubs do it. We have recently had some failures with bonded brake shoes and a ban might be in order.
David Littlefield

Bonded brake shoes can come unglued due to the glue softening from the high heat generated from excessive, high speed braking during racing. I know of one fatal crash caused from a brake shoe becoming unglued on the front of a TD. I have been told they are not allowed in vintage racing, but am unable to find that documented anywhere. I spoke with a friend tonight who is active in vintage racing, and he told me he uses bonded brake shoes, and is unaware of any such ban on bonded brake shoes. It seams I may have been miss informed.
I will report back if I fine any further information.
D. Sander

And my new brake shoes are bonded! I still have my old shoes with holes in them and will get them relined with rivet linings! Another next Winter project. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Added note, Bonded brake linings for farm tractors are becoming the norm for replacements. Some fellas are only getting one season out of them before they separate from the shoe. No high speed there, just lousy bonding jobs. One of my large tractors is getting a noise in one brake and it's probably lining separation. Not sure but have to pull it apart to check. Just thought I'd pass that along. PJ
Paul S Jennings

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