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MG TD TF 1500 - brake shoe install 53 td

anyone try to install brake shoes when brake drum installed. im used to American cars, need suggestions. thanks les.
l.f. frank

On any TD, TF or TC you need to remove the brake drums to get access to the Brake shoes?

After that it is easy - grab hold of one shoe and pull it against the two return springs and lift it off. However I would advise putting an elastic band or cable tie around the brake cylinders to stop the pistons form dropping out. Also turn the brake adjusters to fully low before trying to take the drum off. Make life easier.
Rears are normally easy on a TD TF but the fronts will need a puller and possibly new oil seals before you put them back on - they tend to get dorked up on removal.
Do you have a Work Shop Manual? Very helpful. I'd say essential.
Rod Jones

I meant brake backing plate installed on the spindleand trying to install the shoes after the fact
l.f. frank

Take a look at Dave Braun's site where he shows what he did to his TD.
This is the brake shots series that will show you how it all goes together.

If you dont have a Work Shop Manual. Moss has them I believe.

Rod Jones

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