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MG TD TF 1500 - Brake speed bleeders

I recall these being discussed some time ago on some MG list but cannot find the reference. Has anyone used these and what size does the TF take?
Terry in Oakland
Terry Sanders

Terry - They take the same size as the bleeder screw in the brake cylinders. here is the url to their web site: It is my understanding that you just send them a bleeder screw from one of the cylinders (in our case from the banjo fitting)and they will magically turn it into a speed bleeder. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Hi Dave, Yes....this is what they said when I asked about MG TD/TF:
According to my notes, MG TD has a 3/8 x 20 bleeder front and rear. We do not make this size. What we have done for other TD customers is to make their bleeders into Speed Bleeders. Send us your bleeders and we will make it a Speed Bleeder. We charge $7 a bleeder.

I see that bleeders from Moss are around $5 each, so will order some and get them made up...I would still be interested in comments from folks who have actually used them.
Terry Sanders

I have 4 of them on my TC. They work fine
L.A. Leclerc

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