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MG TD TF 1500 - Breather Pipe

Does the engine breather pipe fit over the stub or into it, want to fabricate one versus pay ~50 for a piece of piping, and does anyone know actual length versus my "guesstamit"
Jon Levine

Into it.

Blair Weiss

Just measured the length for you 39.1/2 centimeter

hope this helps,

Gerard Hengeveld

If you add PCV you will not need it.
there are two bends also.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Thanks all
Jon Levine

The angle/splay at the bottom of the pipe determines how it meets the airstream & is critical apparently. This was discussed recently & should therefore be archived. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Jon -

The breather pipe on my TF-1500 has two bends in it ... one at the top and one at the bottom. The two bends are illustrated in the mgtf Parts List.

An illustration in the MGTD Parts List shows the TD pipe with only one bend. (I dunno - only going by the TD diagram.)


Three pics ...

> Top: Breather connection to tappet cover on my TF-1500 before I stripped and painted.

> Center: TD breather pipe - one bend.

> Bottom: TF breather pipe - bend at top and bend at bottom. Bottom bend hidden behind oil filter canisters.

LM Cook

Peter -

Do you know where the end of the breather pipe should be located relative to other parts on the engine and frame?

The end of the breather pipe on my TF-1500 ends very near the top front corner of the box around the brake master cylinder (LHD). I moved it just about every way possible to get it into the air stream when I attached it to the tappet cover. Finally gave up and tightened it where it is. The lower clamp is missing.

I didn't check the position before I removed it.

LM Cook

Jon, Contact Hugh Pite, he has so many T series used parts, he might have a used one of those pipes. Hugh is very fair in his prices and a gentleman to deal with. PJ
Paul S Jennings

No Lonnie. I just recall this being aired a while back. Jon, I agree with PJ. Hugh is probably the best bet for a second hand original pipe. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

As I remember Dave's web site has lots of pictures of the breather pipe installation.
efh Haskell

I ran with the breather pipe on my TD for years with it being held in only at the top bracket clamp since the bottom bracket was missing. (Long story as to why!) Then one day I was driving, hit a bump, and the breather pipe fell off.

I tried, unsuccessfully, several times to install the breather pipe and bottom bracket. I finally decided I was going to do it and would remove the engine and/or transmission if necessary. However, I was able to accomplish the installation by only removing the floorboards in order to get a little extra leverage to remove the one stubborn bolt on the bellhousing. While I was in the vicinity I was able to attach the ground strap to the "correct" bolt on the frame.

So, in case anyone is wondering the bottom bracket for the breather pipe can be installed with the engine and transmission in place!
M Marini

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