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MG TD TF 1500 - British History Search for TD?

Good afternoon all:

I was going to write to the The British Motor Heritage Industry Trust this afternoon in order to get some detail on my TD, but when I got to their web page, I found out they only go from TF's forward.

My car was exported out of England and into Canada sometime in 1969 or 1970, and I've got the original Brit plates for it:

SFM 76

And under all the layers of paint, it seems like it really was that yellow-cream color, but I'm not sure.

Porsche has done a bang-up job with its Kardex historical system, but with no Abingdon to fall back on, what's our equivalent?

TD 27991
Dave Jorgensen

The only thing we have is the T Register build dates. They were transcribed from notes of some kind?
Seems when BMC took over in '54(?) they took all the MG records back to 1929 and dumped them in a to the dump.
One guy jumped in (so the story goes) and grabbed a box... he had rescued the MMM records.

Nothing much to go on... although you have the original plate so that can be traced through the British license place guys (the offical name?)
gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667

SFM 76 was issued at Chester in Cheshire, England as indicated by the letters FM. It may be some records exist in local archives. Try contacting Chester Archives, Town Hall, Chester CHI 2HJ. From England 01244 402110. They may have details on the original registration, and perhaps more.
Since the car was exported prior to the computerisation of vehicle records here in the UK, its unlikely that the DVLA (central records office) have any records of it. Try ringing 01792 788228, or
Good Luck
Henry Buckeldee

If SFM 76 was the original registration, it should be possible to date when it was taken out to within 6 months from readily available reference data. Its just I dont have a copy of this. Various UK trade publications used to list it, such as Glass's Guides.
Henry Buckeldee

Your car is on the T Register - - although I am guessing you supplied the records. The TD Registrar may be able to link you up with previous owners if they are listed in his database, and you could try to trace back from there... unless you've already tried this?
Steve James

Steve I need to speak to you on a personal matter could you please contact me

Bob (robert) Midget Turbo

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