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MG TD TF 1500 - Broken carburettor body

Hi guys Just taken these off the shelf after 30 years with a view to rebuilding them. Plenty of youtube videos to giving me confidence to give it a go myself. First off though noticed that part of the carburettor body is broken. Is this a problem? Any other advice or anything anyone notices about the carburettors. Thanks

D Lamb

The carb will most likely work just fine. Fitting an air filter will be another story. I'd source another. MGA uses the same carb.
MG LaVerne

Can't tell from the picture, but what is the carb to carb fule line made out of?? It looks link maybe neoprene?? (BAD) It should be a braided flexable line,,same question on the fuel line to the rear carb,,

Steve Wincze

Yes it looks like some sort of plastic. Stained and rock hard. Will need replacing thanks for the heads up Steve.
D Lamb

You could have the "ear" replaced by Tigging it with filler. Then drill a new hole.
First find a piece of Aluminum whose OD is the size of the hole. Drill a small hole on center through.
Have this "tigged" in, then build the ear up. The hole will form a pilot to enlargeand it will be just where it should.

I did this fix on my generator front bracket.

A friend did the "tigging". I don't have Aluminum capability.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Cheers Jim good idea will look into it further.
D Lamb

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